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  1. omg can i do that? i'd love to
  2. I simply doing this for fun, you are welcome to make a request/s, its FOC. Everybody loves it There are some samples of my work below, you may take one of the signatures below which says: NOT OWNED You can request such as signatures, wallpapers, banners, icon... but i am sorry to say that i can't make such thing as animated signature. i hate it from the bottom of my heart ): WALLPAPERS SIGNATURE NOT-OWNED NOT-OWNED (2 VERSIONS) NOT-OWNED (2 VERSIONS) NOT- OWNED NOT-OWNED I know the size it's too big to use it here, but no worries, it can be re-sized. you can also change the text and names
  3. kittens are still cuter? D; they are so squishy
  4. of course I don't mind at all, though I prefer kittens, but cats would also do <3 wooohhh thank youuuu i like yours too! )
  5. i thought i was the only one... lovely photo by the way <3
  6. as i recall, pokemon was my first anime i had ever watched. maybe dats the day i discovered anime?
  7. What is on my mind, i suppose...?

  8. Hellooo to every human beings... you can call me anything you like my interest is in editing, well, I can make signatures, wallpapers, bla bla, but my very strong point is to make a spotless zit in any photos (i was forced to do so though) anyways i don't actually mind to make signatures or whatsoever to any human beings. yes. only to human beings. i can't stand supernatural thingy. what else, what else? I guess cooking is also my special ability? and sarcasm is my lowest ability ever. i am thinking of applying to be an editor though... pleasure to be friends with you all *v*
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