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  1. i keep on getting that ad that's telling me two people are spying on my and i'm really tempted to click on it...

  2. i won't be able to work on my available projects this week because i have club rush and it's...stressful... T^T

    1. x5ga


      nobody's rushing you dear, just let us know when you'll be absent :3

  3. Right. Although apparently being sixteen is "young," according to loli-sama. Oh well. I've accepted my status as a "cute young girl."

  4. Eek!


    Hello Saso. I'm also a newb.


    You must be god-like! I'm so thrilled!

  5. stress...i firmly believe...that the sat was placed on earth to make life a living hell for procrastinators...T-T

    1. LittleWeird


      I'm so glad we don't have SAT here in sweden. School seems to be more fun here, studying wise.

  6. unie...is your icon girl hugging real dogs? photoshopped in?

  7. be my friend, unie. also, my birthday is january 31.

  8. Ah don't worry. I have a friend that sparkles too. That just means you guys are hot, according to Twilight. XD

  9. i just wanted to say...i make killer cheesecakes.

  10. neko! your sig...is so pretty.

  11. Oooh! Hi! I hope you pass! It'd be nice to have another new PR. I don't want to be the only newbie.
  12. I'd really prefer it if there wasn't that "last visitor" thingy, because then no one would realize how much of a stalker I am. /sigh

    1. LittleWeird


      That's ok, we all are *mwuahaha*

    2. x5caramel (charlatte)

      x5caramel (charlatte)

      glad i'm normal, then. -_- love you, chibi-chan.

  13. oh hi~ there are so many sections on this site...
  14. Wish granted but s/he's imaginary! I wish that I had a pet robot that could do my chores.
  15. I shall add you as a friend, loli master!

  16. Thank you! I saw you, pretty person!


    I loove pretty people.


    You're the vampire, right?


    My friend has this sparkly sunblock that'd be perfect for you! You'd become of those veggie vampires~



  17. -Durarara!!: it's so brilliant. /cries. -Hunter x Hunter: umm. same as durarara!! i loove smart anime. -Natsume Yuujinchou -Scrapped Princess -Attack on Titan: currently~. hope it doesn't go downhill -Soul Eater: made me laugh so, so hard and Death the Kid is to die for.
  18. Hi! You guys are all so pretty and cute! Can you all please move here so I can touch everyone's hair on a daily basis? Ahem. Anyway, here's me. I'm unphotogenic, so please excuse my general...face. /sighs. here's me at the homecoming game. yes, i'm asian. oh and i can't smile for my life, so here's me smiling crookedly and looking awkward right before homecoming. and i look tall but it's only because my friends are short. i'm...5'4-ish? woah wait. i found a picture where i'm actually smiling properly! hooray! sorry about the lighting. it was very flashy there. /sigh. ya guys happy?
  19. MELITA! You're so cute! Can I hug you?


  21. Heyo, my name is Charlotte! I've been a fan of Evil Flowers for a while and I recently noticed this position was open. I've never actually done anything on manga but I have experience working as an editor! (Like "editing" editing. Um.) I also write a ton and I am a mean critic if that counts for anything. My eye also starts twitching if I see bad grammar or the like. If I have a pen or a marker on me, I'll do the writer a favor and fix the mistake for them! ... So I'm anal. But that's a good thing in this line of work, right? ... Ahem. Can I please take the test? PS. What on earth are these little squiggly emoticon thingies called?! They're so cute! <-For good luck.
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