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    1. Tessa


      Welcome back! :)


  2. i'm a little shit. everything will be updated by...friday. or before that hopefully.

    1. Nekomikoto


      I'm assuming you mean you're not feeling well? D: Hope you get better soon!


  3. DW will be up tomorrow. forgot to update, but my internet is fried due to rain. in california. I hate rain. so yep, getting it fixed tomorrow and then bam.

    1. ayne


      Awww, sorry to hear that! I hope they'll repair it soon...

    2. Nekomikoto


      Any update on this? :DDD

  4. soo... does anyone on ef play league of legends?

    1. Nekomikoto


      used to but stopped, my computer can't handle it after like 15 minutes it lags too much xD

      x5ga used to play it a lot, dunno if he still does O:

      I think ayu (AyukawaAine) would play it too but I haven't seen her lately

    2. Airspear


      OuO Oh ya. Not as often right now.

    3. Misodare


      yeahh but my computers so laggy, i got disconnected from so many games and banned for so long (;´∀`)

  5. argg i don't know why that particular sm hunter chappie took so long. that's all i did get done tonight, though. sm ch 34. dear waltz is next as soon as i can get to it. >.>

  6. anyone else currently doing the uc app?

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    2. Nekomikoto


      never heard of it 8D

    3. Melita_H


      Do you mean applying to the University(ies) of California? O.O

    4. holanio


      UC App~ Good luck haha don't get too bored with it~

  7. next sm hunter chappie will hopefully be up by tomorrow. dw will probably be a bit later, but within the week.

    1. ayne


      Great! Thank you. :)

  8. SM Hunter proofread up to ch 33. more chapters to come!

    1. Tessa


      Thank you so much! ^^

    2. ayne
  9. I'm actually a bit swamped with school, so I'll get my updates in a day or two. Sorry... >>

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    2. ayne


      Good luck with school! I'll be patiently waiting for SM Hunter. ;)

    3. Unie


      Aha! I knew that dreaded school work was keeping you busy. Drat! It's foiling our plans again! In all seriousness now, do well~ I hope you're not too stressed right now.

    4. ayne


      Has school work died down a bit or are you still very busy?

  10. I'll try to update everything by Sunday~

  11. Bean~

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    2. x5caramel (charlatte)

      x5caramel (charlatte)

      Eek! I'll try! Woot. What if I get in? /dances

    3. holanio


      If you get in... I'll buy you lunch or something!! Haha ;D

    4. Tessa


      I finished college. What do I get? :P

  12. my personal life is very interesting, okay? okay. colleges, please accept me~~ TT

    1. November Rose

      November Rose

      Don't worry. I'm sure a couple of colleges will accept you.

    2. Unie
    3. holanio


      If it's not too personal, can I ask what colleges you applied to? =D Maybe you'll end up in the same one as me ;D

  13. i have summer homework. i will work bravely to complete all of it quickly.

  14. i promise i will actively work on my english and become a better proofreader. yes.

    1. Melita_H


      I approve of this goal. *nod nod* You're a good proofreader already, but striving to be better is always good too. XD

  15. i was blown away by the photoshoot one. i think i literally felt my hair blow back past my ears and all.
  16. I guess I'd have to put false... Have you ever rolled on the floor while laughing?
  17. Hi! I'm so happy you passed! Congratulations~


  19. sorry. i lied. :( sm hunter will be up tomorrow.

  20. Ah! You did it! You're a proofreader! Welcome to EF~

  21. dw introc should be up by friday/saturday. sm hunter probably on sunday.

  22. dear waltz intro b will be up by tuesday, at the latest~

  23. back from vacay, so i'm also back to proofreading~

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