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  1. happy birthday! hope you have a wonderful day! ^o^

  2. good luck on the test! ^o^ what's your favorite food? *w*
  3. HAPPY B-DAY!!!! *confetti, sparkles, etc.etc.etc* hope you have a wonderful day~~~ ^o^

    1. SoRa.


      Thank you donga~~~<3 :D

  4. Currently watching (from this season): Wake Up, Girls!, Ace of Diamond, Saki, Noragami, Hozuki no Reitetsu, Kill la Kill, Silver Spoon & Yowapeda
  5. I'm going to ComicCon this year....and my friends are telling me to go to AnimeNext, though I'm not too sure about that.
  6. hello owo hope y'all are having a good day~ I would like to apply as a Chinese translator, if possible ^u^
  7. in the morning uh no but I wake up anywhere from 6:30 to 7 depending on whether or not my alarm goes off. Need to catch the bus in the mornings ahahaha >w>
  8. Happy birthday, greeeeey~

  9. happy burfday ;3

  10. What happened to your other account? ;o

  11. P; perhaps!~ hehehe

  12. Er... Grey? XD

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