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  1. yassss welcome to the team~~~

    1. SoRa.


      hehehe yep welcome welcome~~ :D

    2. lat
  2. Happy birthday, miso~~<3

    1. Misodare


      thank you sora~~~ <3

  3. Misodare

    'Sup ya all

    Nice to meet you, Fae~!! I'm misodare. call me miso :3 I never knew there were translation courses in uni! I hope you pass the TL test!! I love nozaki-kun!! It's so freakin funny and I love Haikyuu so much!! Tsukki omg <3 Who's your fav character? sorry about the super informal message. especially since you're a senpai to me >.<
  4. Hullo ayne~ I voted the third option, "I can access some pages and some/all pages render badly." You already showed it in the example, but this is how the News page looks like on my iPod on the mobile version: http://puu.sh/d5Njr/1b886f1b30.jpg http://puu.sh/d5I5f/3f7e1e5c21.jpg Also, I can't find the reader page. (It might be just that I'm super back with technology and shtuff or my super old iPod) Well, it'd be super easy to just switch over to the full version and go from there, but yeah. http://puu.sh/d5I2R/75a23fc7c0.jpg Everything works perfectly fine on my laptop.
  5. strawberries ~ ♥ spring or fall?
  6. Wish granted! But the next day your house is broken into, and your TV is robbed. I wish summer would be cooler/not so hot.
  7. Hi matt!!! I'm misodare, and everyone calls me miso ^^ I don't usually greet people, but seeing that no one has yet, hi!!! Nice to meet you~ I've been herr for just over a year and as long as it seems, I still feel like a noob hehe Anyways, enjoy your stay and you should join the games and stuff in the forum games section!! Its pretty fun By the way, do you read any of our titles? My favourite is Reimei no Arcana/ Dawn of Arcana ~~~ Its super good!!
  8. Moshi mooooshi~ how's galism coming along? :D

    1. Misodare


      sorry~~ I've had a lot of things come up this past week so I couldn't get to it, but I'll get to it asap~! It'll be ready soon :D

    2. SoRa.


      awww thanks dear <3 :D

  9. Yo miso, did you get my PM? :D

    1. Misodare


      oh god sorry!! will check right away~~Σ(´∀`;)

  10. Happy Canada day to all my Canadian fellows and everyone else♡

  11. I'll be on hiatus cuz of school and finals. will be back in July :D

    1. SoRa.


      Okay~ good luck with your finals and thanks for letting us know :D also, thanks for HnR <3

    2. Misodare
  12. Misoooo! Why wasn't I friends with you? And I missed your biRTHDAY?!!dgkfg TT

    1. Misodare


      XD I didn't even notice we weren't friends yet. And there's still next year ;)

  13. So kawaii <3 (yourself AND the dress) Have fun!!!
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