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  1. hi Snowbeanie ^.^ Welcome to EF, thank you for applying- and good luck!

  2. Hiya beanie!~ Nice to meet you too! I am neko ^^ (altho we may have more than one neko hahaha xD) welcome to EF!~ Hope you like it here

  3. Hi, I'm Snowbeanie! I'm new to Evil Flowers. Pleased to meet you!

  4. Hi, to clarify, I would like to be a japanese-English translator. I have some experience reading manga in japanese, and if I can help translate for other people, I would like to help. I'm brand new to this page :)And it's a little exciting. Anyway, looking forward to finally starting translating.
  5. Hi! I'd like to apply to be a japanese translator. I'm looking forward to joining a scanlation team so I can feel justified doing this while working -> haha let me know what yuo'd like me to try and translate. I'll do my best!
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