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  1. Proofreaders, you guys turn our jumbled up words in to coherent sentences... (well, at least mines are jumbled up...) We TL-ers luuurve yhooo foa evaaaa~ <3 <3 :3 <3

    1. x5ga


      we love you too, translators, for without you, we'd have no work ;3

    2. Melita_H


      *nod nod* I echo x5's statement~ <3

    3. baby_milo
  2. Oh, my~ I'll come back on fridayyy!!! Shorry~

    1. SoRa.


      yayyyy~~ welcome back in advance <3

  3. hi, I did the ch28 missing translation :)

  4. Hi sora~ :) Gomenne~ I was catching up with summer hw, hehehe


    I'm done with ch 52 and working on ch 53 of runway war at the moment ^^


    missed u~

  5. okies~ ^^ haha, sorry I couldn't reply speedily!


    Just in case, here's the translation: '(I had no idea/to know) something like that happened'. With or without the brackets is fine :)

  6. Hi~ I just finished chapter 48 ^^ I'm on the extras now :)

  7. ああ〜 そうなんだ!ありがとう〜 

  8. Hi~ I'm on chapter 48 ^^

  9. Arya, socchi yuusen ka! hahahaha~ Okay~ :D

  10. :D Hahahahaha~ sou dayo~


    Ahhhh, I should start translating, hyaaa~

  11. Hi, I would like to apply for Japanese translator! :D/> I am a fluent japanese/english speaker and I would be very happy to help translate~ I am a complete beginner so I'm not sure if I am any good but I would like to try! I really enjoy reading manga online so I thought that this would be a good chance for me to give something back to the community~ Thank you and I will be waiting for your reply oni15/>
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