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  1. Um, for the editor position, I was only looking to apply for typesetter as that's the only thing I know how to do, but um...do I need to know how to do both to get this position? I'm really interested in the typesetter job, but not the cleaner job as I have no experience in that position.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! I will gladly come to chat! "anon -> community member -> apply to help"...hmmm...I've never done scanlating before nor have I been on a scanlations team before. Maybe I might try out for typesetter (although I don't know what the requirements are for this), as I feel this similar to putting words in pictures (like this picture I did-->click me). Gimp allowed? or is photoshop cs (don't know which version is allowed, but I have adobe Photoshop elements 6.0. Not good with photoshop, but I've been practicing on how to use it though.) required for this position?
  3. lol, Reimei no Arcana is a brilliant story with beautiful art! Who wouldn't love it? lol!
  4. I did see Protect the Boss too and I loved it! A recent one I'm watching right now is "Gu Family Book" and "Heaven's Will: The Fugitive of Joseon". I personally didn't like Gu Family book at first, but as the story went on, I started to like it. What type of genre's do you like for korean drama's? I personally like watching historical drama's and comedy-romance drama's. My all time favorite korean comedy-romance drama's: "Goong", "Goong 2 ", "What's up Fox?", "Pure 19", "Dream high"(I didn't like dream high 2), "Secret Garden", "49 Days", "King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo", "Golden Bride" (I wouldn't really call this comedy, since it was a family drama), "Creating Destiny", "Wonderful Life", "I Really Really Like You", "Full House", "Full house take 2", "coffee Prince", "1% of Anything", "Boys Over Flowers", "Coffee House", "Smile, You", "Personal Taste", "When It's At Night", "Green Rose", "My Girl (SBS)", "Hello! Miss", "She is Nineteen", "my love patzzi", "Rooftop Prince"(mix of historical and modern), "East of Eden", "Reply 1997", and "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho"(also a mix of historical and modern). List of my all time favorite k-historical drama's: «K-Historical Drama» - Queen Seon Deok - Ja Myung Go - King Sejong - Yi San - The Legend - Thousand Years of Love Also Empress Chun Chu, Dong Yi, dae jang geum, the Legend, Chuno, Shin Don, The Kingdoms Of Winds, Hong Gil Dong, Hwang Jin, Ja Myung Go, Tamra Island, The Painter of the Winds, Kim Soo Ro, and Sungkyunkwan Scandel. Sorry I can't remember all of the drama's I've watched, but most of them are listed here. Such a long list of korean drama's. I've seen other drama's that aren't korean, but it will be even longer if I list more from those other countries, lol.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum, but I've been a wanderer of going through the website for manga's and manhwa's for a while(maybe for 3 or 4 years I think). I always told myself to signup for the forums, but didn't have the urge to do it over those years. But I've finally pushed myself to sign-up because I didn't want to be a anon forever in the evil-flowers community. I have interest in asain drama's and I've been watching them since I was little. I love watching movies, music, and playing games! I also enjoy reading manhwa's, manga's, and manhau's. I started reading manga's first around 2010. Then started reading manhwa's and manhau's in 2011. I love all of the art, drawings, and story plots in those three countries(japan, china, and Korea). Some favorite ones I love are Reimei no Arcana, Saver, F.O.X., 1/2 Prince, Youko x Boku, Oresama, Red River, Sarasah, Love Sick, Otoyomegatari, Siesta, Yeonmo (Love), Operation Liberate Men, Get Love!!, Moe kare, Uwasa no Midori-kun!!, Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!, Absolute Witch, Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume, Tenshi ja Nai!!, Cheese in the Trap(webtoon), Koi dano Ai dano, Warau Kanoko-sama, and Skip Beat. I can't remember all of the manga's/manhwa's/manhau's I've read. So yep, that's my introduction to the evil-flowers community. I like meeting new people, so stop by to say hi and tell me your interest too. I like recommendations too, so if you know of any good stories with great characters (especially with a strong female lead), then please recommend me some. ♥
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