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  1. Neko8

    *hugs Lat* I'm going to miss you ^^ bye~

    1. lat


      awww I'll miss you too! *hugs* take care <3

  2. I think its wise for me to take a break from scanlation. Final month of exam preparation and due dates is upon me... -_- that plus 2nd semester of online classes starts next week. TT^TT sorry!!!

  3. I will definitely have OMRK posted next week. For now this week its Mid-terms exams all week long.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Neko8


      lol. I forgot about this chapter after the first day of break. Been busy baking cakes (for no reason just felt like it), research for final paper, reading summaries and becoming a complete mess with charcoal trying to finish a project (its hard getting the right textures with charcoal and then trying not to touch the same spot because you end up picking up the charcoal off the paper and the spot is ruined!) for the whole break last week and this week.

    3. Cheesecake


      Do you want someone else to take over the chapter instead?

    4. Neko8


      Yes. Please have someone else do OMRK TSing. I'm going to be taking a break because of end of semester work. My OMRK files I finished "mysteriously" broke along with a month's worth of design work. They won't open at all because Ps claims its not a legit Ps file. >:( Now I'm way behind in my design work and my resume was destroyed along side it T^T it was so cute too with bees and honeycombs.

  4. Poking you for OMRK

  5. Completely loving the new website look! Was confused at first but now I seriously love it!!!

  6. Hey how's OMRK coming along?

  7. My neighbor's baby is going to be a GIRL!!! So cute XD Also my other neighbor who moved a few months ago back to Idaho and then moved back again recently had a baby BOY! My sis tells me he's adorable! I'm just sad that we met them at a funeral for a young missionary from our ward. *Tears up* He was such a cool funny guy too.

  8. lat

    Happy birthday!!! :D

  9. lat

    wow that sounds amazing !!! Hope you have fun :D I noticed your birthday was coming up- hope you have a great time! <3

  10. Neko8

    Thanks for asking I have about 5 pages left on OMRK 6... just so busy with prepartions for my little bro's minecraft birthday party (since my bday is a week later I get stuck with minecraft party too.) T.T And here all I wanted was a giant carrot cake and carrot pillows. ^^'

  11. lat

    hi neko! <3 how are you? :) had a good week? Just checking you're doing ch 6 of OMRK? :D Enjoying it? :)

  12. Birthday party preparation on the go... Gotta design the banners (whatever else) to the clients' themes. Busy busy~ ^^

  13. First webtton I read made me fall completely head over heels for Frankstein. I love the amazing artwork but some chapters looked half-arsed only in simple tones compared to the amazing full blowned shading, and textures (the artists even admitted to it later on) but overall Frankstein is my favorite. Rai is funny too especially the way he reacts to the smallest things in such a serious manner. I can't wait for the new season I hope the artists and authors take their time to make a wonderful new season and story line.
  14. Neko8

    Red Lion

    Both Red Lion and Hot Blooded Women were great I was sad they both ended, I especially loved the scary psycho friend in HBW and the nickname for the main character abd her reasoning behind becoming the Red Lion. No matter what anyone says I love these two the most alongside Ouke no Monshou and Noblesse (Frankenstein is so amazingly sadistic.)
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