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  1. Parents will always hide things from us until later and watches as we suffered.
  2. I'm a bit over-excited for this anime convention I'm attending next month

    1. Misodare


      anime conventions are always exciting! :D btw, which one are you going to?

  3. Today, I turned in 10 different scanlation project to different groups. I feel accomplished but tiring. I love working my butt off, and learning new things, so I'm happy at the same time.
  4. Welcome to EF, lala. That name is so creative, is it your real name? it's alright, if you can't speak or type perfect english. English isn't everyone first language
  5. Hello Dada, I seen you before somewhere. I don't recall. But welcome to EF. I do read introduction because I'm a forum person.
  6. Welcome to EF, Rage. which is your favorite project?
  7. Chinese New Year is coming, such a wonderful yet complicated day.

    1. SoRa.


      yay ze moneyz will be coming soon~ xD

    2. Cheesecake
  8. Hi Sakura, Good luck on your test if you do apply~ I'm Sally and I'm a wanderer.
  9. Yes, but it never changes the color unless i do it multiple times. When will you tell me a story about your fantasy?



  13. Hello MysticalLoki Welcome to EF I'm Sally, pls to meet you ^^
  14. I just found out that you guys do this project, I really love it to the point where I am re-reading it XD Kuze is such a funny guy when he makes the Boss really angry.
  15. Since its open. I would tots take the test.
  16. How have you all been? It's been ages since I last came here. o3o

    1. Tessa


      Yup... sa me for me. I've been ok. You? :)

  17. Welcome to EF, Mayhem! I am sally, a person that lurks around the forum from time to time, as well. I've been here for as long as i can remember.
  18. `Shally.


    Welcome to EF, tsukki! I am Sally, and i welcome you to stay as long as you can.
  19. Welcome to EF, meichi! Glad to have you on board. I am sally, a person that appears from time to time.
  20. Welcome to EF, Uriel! glad to have you on board. I'm Sally; a random lurker that appears out of nowhere.
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