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  1. You're banned because you're gone and this is the last post it was posted.
  2. True. It makes my mouth drool. T/F: When you first learned about Manga, you mistook it for Mango and Mango for Manga.
  3. Hmmmmmm. I will somehow start a hunt to understand what happen to it. What would you do if suddenly Evil Flowers became a anime scan group as well?
  4. I confess that the reason why I vanished was because I got grounded.
  5. My apologies. Yes that's correct. Your turn
  6. 74
  7. 32
  8. 32 i forgot to help c:
  9. 33
  10. Aoharu x kikanju Gate Rokka no Yuusha for this particular season
  11. I wanted to choose both but there's no option for it. Like there's some projects that I really really want to read so i download. And there's others which I can just wait patiently for it, so I read it online. So in the end, I chose online.
  12. 35
  13. Hello Lily. Welcome to EvilFlowers. I'm Sally. 1. I also live with my parents. 2. since 2007. 3. uh uh uh not the same for me. xD family is important...but it depends if the family appreciate you. :3 4. What are the thing you like? Anyways, please to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay on EF!
  14. Parents will always hide things from us until later and watches as we suffered.
  15. Today, I turned in 10 different scanlation project to different groups. I feel accomplished but tiring. I love working my butt off, and learning new things, so I'm happy at the same time.