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  1. satsukkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii x3

  2. Sats, it's ok, me and Phoenix are working on TQK now. Just concentrate on the projects you have right now. Thank you so much for the awesome work! :*

  3. I see that you're working on something else. Will you be able to work on TQK soon?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Cheesecake
    3. Satsukki


      I'm still here ;u: and btw thanks for the congratulations (: HB is already finished

    4. Cheesecake
  4. Happy Birthday! I hope your dreams and wishes become true one day!

  5. happy birthday! hope you have a wonderful day! ^o^

  6. Can you please TS OK first before TQK? Ok is more important. Thanks!

  7. LOL the hanging miku is cute i love it i wont say the answer since i want to see more hanging parts of miku >u< B? hohoh (*❦ω❦)
  8. you are right, i didn't mean L >u<
  9. ahh okay sweetie~ thanks for your hard work :3

  10. thank you for telling me sora :3 i just need to finish BC ch. 13 and then i'll tell cheesecake about typesetting Oboreru Knife ch.26 ^^

  11. hi satsukki!! just to let you know, Oboreru Knife ch26 is ready to be TSed :D thank you~

  12. Hi c:! thanks for the welcome >u<

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