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  1. O_o a month and 16days too late

  2. Happy late birthday! :) your to old :P

  3. Hi! my name is Sakura-chan or sakuchantheturtle on chatango!!You can call me anything that you wish!Errmm..OH! im being trained by LittleWierd, and i'm part of the squishy trainee regiment What else? Hmm...i like turtles! alot try saying turtle 10 times! me and my turtle minions can grant you a wish if you do! Hmm...i like sleeping.And turtles.and food.I like oranges.I eat 3 oranges a day and on weekends i eat 5.I'm a crazy orange eating turtle Theres lots more about me but I dont want this introduction to be awfully long so I'm gonna end it here. p.s. happyblackcat said that the sound that turtles make is "turtle turtle" is that true guys? But for now.... turtle turtle
  4. Thankyou for the warm welcome!! I am proud to be a part of the squishy trainee regiment>:D

  5. Welcome to EF as a squishy trainee! :D

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