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    Anything creative. Art, manga, writing, reading, anime, photoshop.

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  1. Does anyone actually buy Photoshop?

    1. Yui Lumiere

      Yui Lumiere

      Yes! Especially when they're involved in the creative industry like me :3

    2. x5ga


      welll.... at least one person buys it because the rest of the world has to get it from someone ;D

  2. Sorry for the absence, hoping to make a comeback?

  3. heyy how are you? There's lots of chapters waiting for you to QC :3!

  4. Done applying for colleges, hopefully I'll start to catch up on some work.

  5. No problem. I love OMRK. :)

  6. Great work, I didn't know there were other chapters to qc for you too.~~ ^^'

  7. Hell starts in a week... Otherwise known as school...

  8. Haha, pretty good. Hopefully I'll have it done in a day or two. FAL 17 is really slowing me down... It's soooooo long.

  9. Hey, how is it going with qc-ing OMRK v2 ch5? :)

  10. Happy birthday misplaced!! :D

  11. Happy birthday, misplaced!! <3

  12. Hey, leaving this Sunday to go to camp, but should be back on Saturday... I won't have internet access for a week but I'll do any work as soon as I get back.

  13. Nooo problem~ It's just that they were online raws and sort of already "pre-leveled", so I didn't want to mess with that part too much. I am a leveling wuss.

  14. Haha I didn't know you cleaned. And yeah I was really confused because all the re-draws were freaking amazing and then the leveling was so-so... Like switch those and that's me.

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