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  1. neyuki

    manga drawing

    that seems to be the case, even thought mine is going to have one (hopin it to actually make it happen)
  2. sorry, if my english is bad, im estonian:D

  3. neyuki

    I don't know where I'm going. TT^TT

    you could go and learn some other type of art, like manga or you could give psychology a try. i mean you can learn it just for fun and see what comes out ...if you really like computers, then try programming. it wont be easy, but as a game maker you could use archidecture and art. if you like history, you can always try that. as for science i really cant come up with anything . but i still wish you good luck on finding your path
  4. neyuki

    First manga you've read?

    for me the first anime that i knew was one, was bleach and manga was shugo chara, altough i did watch pokemon, when i was little
  5. neyuki

    manga drawing

    i was thinking that when im finally able to draw on the computer, then i can go on with doing manga i had in my mind for a long time( about half a year) even thought im pretty young(14)
  6. neyuki

    I have no idea how to handle this.....

    that reminds me when i was little, there was an adult sparrow next to a tree and i went, picked it up and brought it at home. It started flying around the house and in he evening my aunt, granny and i went and sended the bird away. i know its unreladed, but i couldnt help myself good luck with the bird
  7. neyuki

    manga drawing

    thaks for the sucsestions:D, i've actually been wondering, how is it to be an editor oni100/> (i know its a little off the topic oni106/> )
  8. neyuki

    manga drawing

    i need a little help with drawing my manga. i just cant find any way to do it on computer, since i dont own a scanner and i cant draw it on computer very well because im left-handed. i was windering if anyone could have some ideas for it. thank you to anyone who cares to help:D

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