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    I eat spicy foods
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    so I can hop around
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    http://and breathe fire
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    like a retarded dragon
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    if you want it, message me xD

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    Not Telling
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    Somewhere over the Rainbow, past the Stars, and through the Moon
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    Astronomy, the night sky, crafts, art, anime, and whole lot of other things.
    I really like anything related to Alice in Wonderland, playing cards, or is black and white.

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  1. great welcome back dear :)


    I've been wondering what happened to you...

  2. 9 HAS EVERYONE BEEN DEAD LATELY? I haven't been on but I'm back! XD
  3. hey Night! how have you been? sorry that I couldn't talk to you sooner. oh and I still coudnt finnd you on FB. but Im sure you'll be able to locate me :)


    as for still busy like hell. these days preparing for college sessions.

  4. Thanks Night ^^ "I eat spicy foods so I can hop around and breathe fire like a retarded dragon xD if you want it, message me xD" hahahahaha! I am gonna do that too someday XD

  5. YESH. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EM. next person likes mochi xD
  6. takes it and keeps it as a pet. Throws a domo.
  7. I get to slap again? Yay!! best day ever xD hmmm....so...i....slap....all the people out there who...ummm... argh okay I pass the slap to the next person cuz I'm beginning to feel guilty if I slap twice a day.
  8. hmmm...uses my epic powers to punch it away xD throws an armadillo
  9. looks t al your plans and decides to stalk you xD throws a pineapple


    luv your profile xD

  11. yes. Gray Fullbuster, that is xD (Fairy Tail) Love that Ice magic! Well, next person likes gothic things
  12. ummm...then... ikaruga from Fairy tail
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