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  1. Haven't heard from you for a while.

  2. ah, ok phew XD thank you! :D I'll put you down for ch 7 :)

  3. Oh, Nothing bad will come from me typesetting it. I'm also okay when typesetting TQK, which was also licensed. So there's no need to be worry ;)

  4. Yeah ,Penny :D thank you! though im wondering if there's anything bad with it being licensed in your country :s i know we dont allow downloads for readers ... would it affect you badly? if yes, you dont have to TS it :D

  5. My school's already started, ugh, a bunch of homework! ._.v

  6. You mean Penny? No need to rush her,I don't mind waiting ^^ And I'm fine with OMRK. (I'll tell Cheesecake about this)


    a bit of info - OMRK has been licensed in my country. haha, it's not important tough XD

  7. hey again :D as TQK isnt ready yet, would you like to TS oh, my romantic kumiho ch 7? :)

  8. Hehe no problem! Thank you for helping! :D I've put you down for v16 ch 1 and ch 2 :) They are currently being cleaned by Panagiota, so they aren't ready just yet ^^ I can ask her when they'll be done, if you'd like? :) thank you!

  9. haha, lol. Oh, and if that's the case then I'll just do it now ^^ Thx for finding me some work Lat! :D

  10. also I love it too! :D I don't know why either XD Though I had to stop as I'm so manic with EF evil overlord work XD huhuhu XD

  11. Of course :) I'm looking after the editors whilst cheesecake is away (I've spoken with her already), so I can put you down for TQK ^.^ but if you'd rather wait until she is back, before you start, that should be fine ^.^ I'll talk to her and see what sehe says- she's QCing this project, so she can look at it ^.^

  12. I'm not working at anything atm. I already sent a pm to Cheesecake so she can get me something, but she haven't replied yet.


    Oh, I actually enjoy to typeset that! :D (idk why tough)


    I don't mind to do it as long as I got Cheesecake's permission..


    Because I'm a typesetter in training under her.

  13. oops cut off before I finished XD I was wondering if you wanted to continue TSing The Queens Knight? :)

  14. Hiya!! :D How are you? How are things? :D Are you working on anything at the moment? Would you like to? XD w

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