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  1. Wish granted but behind your back, talks behind your back and steals the guy you like I wish the person who posts next to kiss their computer screen
  2. Wish granted, but the robot fell in love with your cell phone and eloped with "her" and left you a big bill for international calls that "he" made I wish for the ability to see into the future
  3. *throws darts to shoot down the sticky notes* *throws Natsu from Fairy Tail*
  4. Never Open My Notebook On Manly Moustaches? Edcvbgf
  5. Focusing on driving test, I will work hard next week...

  6. Sorry, I was wrong, I will have it by Sunday because the ants are still near the comp...

  7. Oh, it's not that I'm fast, I'm gonna go to sea world tomorrow and I have been slacking off because of ants near the computer...and you only gave me 10 pages...also I'm gonna try to finish the chapter that I think cheesecake gave me by Tuesday...

  8. I'm gonna finish tomorrow.

  9. yes I did, but I have been busy so I'm starting to work on the 10 pages now

  10. Where does it say that? I'm not sure where to look.

  11. 5 DVD Volumes of anime At least I can guess what they are saying if there are no English translations. Your true love or your soulmate
  12. Thank you! I passed, but I need to be trained. ^^

  13. Thank you very much ^^

  14. Waking up early Living on a island made of sweets or living in a magical kingdom
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