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  1. I first got into manga because of anime, and first got into anime because I was surfing old cartoons on Netflix, then they didn't have enough, so I found Crunchyroll and others like it. Then I found a series I really liked but I wasn't satisfied with the ending and through the chat window found out that the series continued as a manga on "Good Manga". I think that first one was "Skip beat" but I can't be certain. Now bout' 300 manga's later I'm hooked, and am practicing cleaning, typesetting and editing so will be able to help out on my favorite projects in the future. Because of the poor quality of a lot of the manga's I read the first couple of tests I took I didn't take very seriously (sorry). I don't know what I was thinking strike that I was thinking "eh thats better then some of the ones I've seen", shame on me. The next time I take one of the editor tests I will give it 110% and read all of the instructions and take time.
  2. Hi gary! if you have any questions come visit us on the chatbox.




    theres usually someone on who can help u with any questions you have.

  3. Hey all; What kind of workload are we talking about here? I could probably handle about 200 pages a month (more after I become acclimated),that is cleaning, redrawing, proofreading and editing (I have a full time job so I can't do more then that right now, lest you got cha-ching, kidding).
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