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  1. No. The downloads should be available by now. Thank you for drawing this to our attention. I will report this matter immediately.
  2. November Rose runs into the Evil Flowers HQ building. Slamming the doors open, the rest of the staff stops what they are doing and looks at her. She has a panicked look on her face. November Rose: "Guys do you know what day it is?" Ayne: "Uh, December 26th?" Suddenly, realization spreads across everyone's faces. They begin running around in a frenzied panic. Pens and ink fall to the floor, papers of unedited chapters fly everywhere, translations become scribbles, and a corner of the room catches on fire. Melitah uses a fire extinguisher on the fire and shouts at the rest of the staff, quieting the chaos. Melitah: "Yes, we are a day late, but that means we just need to make up for it. We need to figure out something that would really show that we have Christmas spirit. What is something that we can give the fans to show we are sorry?" Ayne: "Cookies!" Cheesecake: "Cake!" Neko: "Potatoes!" X5ga: "BEER!" Melitah has an unamused look on her face. Melitah: "Yes, I guess... half of those things have to do with Christmas, but I was thinking of something that we can actually give our fans. Something like..." November Rose: "A story?" Melitah: "No, we're already doing that... how about a song?" EF Staff: "Oooh, a song!" Melitah: "Alright everyone, places. Let's give them a song they will never forgot and shows how sorry we are." *The tune of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town begins to play* EF Staff: "You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I'm telling you why EF is releasing today We're making a list And checking it twice Going to give some chapters that are nice EF is releasing today We work when we are sleeping We work when we're awake We give you chapters that are good So we're sorry that we are late O! You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I'm telling you why Evil Flowers is releasing today Evil Flowers is releasing todaaaaaaaaaay!" *Song ends* EF Staff: "MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS! AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!" You want to give us a christmas gift? Help us with Christmas Raw Shopping. P.S.: Consider following us on Facebook or Twitter if you want instant notifications of releases. Project Status - Go here to see how we're doing Recruiting - Recruiting every position except proofreader! Come join us here: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/forum/126-recruitment/ Release: Chitose etc. v04 ch22 Chronicles of the Grim Peddler v04 ch22 Sir Tiger’s Table v04 ch17 Mei-chan no Shitsuji v10 ch68
  3. Christmas is drawing near. In a few more weeks it'll practically be here. And since it is that time of year, let's all give a big cheer. For all the staff working hard. Let's give our fans more than just a greetings card. So, no matter how much these chapters make you want to scream. Let's give our fans releases byond their wildest dreams.

    1. ayne


      That's the spirit! :3

  4. Happy Birthday Rose! :D

  5. Sorry for my epic slowness. D: But I can promise you chapters are coming soon. 8D

    1. SoRa.


      -super late- thanks, novchan x

  7. Once upon a wintery night, the snow fell quite heavily. In a small cottage there was a fatherly cat with his kittens. He was lazily lying in a chair, when his little ones swarmed him, disturbing his peaceful moment. "Daddy, daddy, tell us a story." His little ones asked. It was Christmas Eve, and the children wanted to hear a story before going off to bed. "Tell us a Christmas story, daddy." The father cat grumbled. "Too tired." he replied. "Oh, sweetie, tell them a story." said his wife, who had walked into the room from the kitchen. The father cat looked rather displeased, but he could never deny a request from his loli wife. "Fine, fine. But first, my little kittens, you must get off of me." The kittens ignored his request, and instead snuggled closer to him. "Story, daddy, story now." The father cat sighed. "I'm so going to need a beer before going to bed. Possibly two." he mumbled under his breath. "Okay. Hmmm. Let me see. Oh, I know. I will tell you story about certain annoying fox." "A fox?" His kittens replied. "Is it one of the ones we know? Is it, daddy? Is it?" "Yes, yes. You do know this fox. It's a certain fox with snow white fur and multiple tails." the father told his children. "Nov?" the kittens asked. The father nodded. "Yes. I will tell you a tale of how we once were enemies and how we became friends one Christmas long ago." Once upon a time, long ago, There was a fox that you all know. She was a tricky one that vixen. One that really needed a fixin'. All she ever did was play, By playing pranks on everyone all day. She liked pulling pranks on me the most. I couldn't even make my morning toast. Not with her being there, Laying out traps everywhere. I was always annoyed by that fox. I just wanted to lock her up in a box. That was until one day I found her in the snow, Why she was there, I did not know. There she laid, completely asleep, So as I walked by, I didn't make a peep. When I looked closely, I saw her shiver, Making my heart begin to quiver. For at that time, she only had one tail, Which made her very frail. I picked her up and brought her here, And put her next to the fireplace over there. The fire burned brightly all night. For that fox gave us a fright. For you see, my little dears, Your mother and I had some fears. That that fox would not wake, From that long slumber she did take. We stayed with her all night that Christmas Eve. From her side we did not leave. I'm sure you are wondering why? Since she played pranks on me all the time. Well, I guess, or so I believe, I thought no one deserved to be alone on Christmas Eve. Alone in the cold, cold snow. As the vicious wind did blow. One would find it hard to keep warm, In that blizzard storm. That is why I did not leave her in the snow, Otherwise, my heart would be just as cold. And in the morning on Christmas day, She awoke and had a few things to say. "I want to thank you for the things you've done. As a thank you, I'll stop with my fun, Of playing pranks on you every day, And how that you can forgive me, I pray." On that day, a truce did form. So she comes her every winter to keep warm. And with that, my Christmas tales ends, Of how me and that fox did become friends. The fatherly feline looked at his little ones, who were now fast asleep. His wife came over and lay next to him and the kittens. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." replied the father cat. The door opened and there was the white fox. She strolled in and greeted her friends. Then she lay down next to the fire. She chatted with the two cats quietly as the kittens slept. But eventually the three of them did sleep. Until the next morning, where they woke up to meet and exchange presents with their friends at EF. We have also prepared some gifts for you. We hope that you like them. Merry Christmas~ Chiro Star Project v07 ch30 Chitose ect. v03 ch19 [Starry Heaven gave this project to us. Thank you, we'll take good care of it! ] Ciel v21 ch21c Dream Fantasia v07 ch27 final [We've finished this one, thank you to everyone who helped!] Pika Ichi v06 ch22 Suki Kirai Suki v03 ch10 The Queen's Knight v16 ch05 P.S.: Please note that downloads will be available in two days. Why? It would be nice if readers spend more time on our site and maybe even participate on our Forum. For now you can read our releases on the reader:
  8. I am now discovering the curse of working retail and this horrifying thing called "Black Friday." @[email protected]

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      I want to go America and shop~

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      This is why I hide inside my house on Black Friday.

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      i always shop online on black friday 8D

  9. Ugh... I really hate the scripts for MHK. DX

    1. ayne


      Aww, hang in there!

  10. Recently returned from a con this past weekend. I got two new foxes that are just adorable~ *w*
  11. Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (oh my childhood~). Have you ever dyed your hair?
  12. Pink and fluffy and it dances on rainbows. 8D Um... oh... oh.... I know! What is your favorite game console?
  13. You're banned for being new.
  14. Hmm... aren't we technically "hairy all over"? XD Anyways, hairy all over since I can just shave off the undesirable hair. (I love the hair on my head too much to give it up.) Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey? (Which one is the lesser of the two evils? (:<)
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