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  • Announcements and Releases

    • Wheee I'm on vacation right now. :D Thus I got time for scanlation.~

      I don't have much to say tonight and I really want to hurry up with the release so I can watch Dexter.
      Thank you so much for donating! I saw some more donations coming in and updated the status. I really need to get the donation widget worked out but I figured you'd be happier about a release than a neat looking donation widget.
      Kiss & Never Cry v07 ch37 [Thanks to Roze from Transcendence, she helped cleaning the chapter. ]

    • Sorry for the long wait, I got sick and barely survived the week. ^^'

      I even skipped the first Masca release here but we posted it on facebook.

      We really really really need proofreaders, korean and chinese translators (we have no active ones at the moment!!!!), and as always cleaners and typesetters. Please apply if you want to read more chapters of our projects!

      Also some happy news: I saw our first donation this year coming in yesterday. Thank you very much! We really appreciate any amount you can spare.
      So without further ado, let's get to the chapters:
      Masca: The Kings v03-I ch04 [This was already released earlier but I didn't manage to make a post here]
      Masca: The Kings v03-II ch05 [New chapter and look who gets together?!]
      Nocturne v08 ch50 [I knew it, I wouldn't be able to walk another step in those heels as well.]

    • This is so me at the moment: exams are next week and I'm totally clueless...



      It's really a shame that I can't do much more for the time being, now that our site is back online. But next week I'm done with my exams and I can spend all my free time on scanlating. 8D
      We're having some motivated staff right now so stay tuned for more awesome projects.
      We'd also really appreciate it if you could donate and help us to cover our server costs. Without our server we wouldn't be able to provide you with an online reader and direct downloads. Every amount helps! Thank you.
      Here's the release:
      Nocturne v08 ch49 [Poor Yuri, I totally feel her, I always get blisters from heels... ]

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    • Yep, you heard right, we're releasing a chapter from Stardust Wink. oni49



      This was basically me when the site went online. This was also me lol.
      Earlier today I noticed this feature which gives you a trophy when you have the most posts liked. I mean why not haha. You can see it on the profile if you're interested. xD
      I hope we get some of the missing pictures back running soon. But now it's still kinda meh here and there. Update: it's fixed now.
      But now to what you've been probably waiting for:
      Stardust Wink v09 ch42 [Big thanks to Girls' Generation, it's our last chapter together but we'll be continuing this project on our own. :)]

    • Oh my god, finally. oni92

      Who would've thought that it'll take us this long to update the site. Now we're finally baaaaack. oni36

      I bet you must've missed us. And honestly I don't know where to start, so first a short recap of what has happened to our Evil Flowers site:
      Due to security reasons we had to update our community software from 3.x to 4x We didn't know at that time that we got hacked meanwhile and we also had to change providers due to technical incompatibilites. After a lot of sweat and expenses from our webadmin tamashii, we finally got sth to work again. Next, we tried to update but it would only throw an error. Support finally updated our site To make it simple, handling the 4.x version is so different from what we were used to and our old custom code was basically broken. Finally we managed to smooth out our technical issues and especially the design. Special Thanks To
      Tamashii, our webadmin worked really hard several weeks and spend a fortune to get our site back working, this included paying a year in advance (in total close to 4 digits sum) for server costs to our new  provider and for our update itself.
      Thank you for making this site possible, your hard work, your neverending support and your encouraging words.
      Souka, a fellow scanlator and admin of another scanlation group, who helped us out with the design and layout. Thanks buddy, you made my day less frustrated.
      New Features
      Let's see... I'll try to make a list but no guarantees that it's complete:
      Followers instead of friends, I guess Facebook is out and we're closer to Twitter now lol The log-in and display name are the same now, so you can't have a seperate log-in name anymore but I think you can log in with your e-mail too, sth like that We changed our navigation menu a little Can't think of anything more right now, I guess I'll update this part later So now you're very welcome to knock yourself out, I think we'll open a Bug thread somewhere in case there's sth to report. We also have to add some pictures here and there, so don't wonder if there links without pictures. Just tell us and we'll try to update them asap.
      As for releases, we'll try to release sth soonTM. Our primary focus all this time was the site itself. It would greatly help us, if you could spare a dime since we got a big hole in our funds thanks to being forced to change providers and the update itself.
  • Recruitment
    Apply for faster releases

    Recruiting: Proofreaders [OPEN]

    By Tessa,
    To be a proofreader you need to have a good English level. You need to observe grammar or spelling mistakes that the translator might have missed while concentrating on the translation, and overall to make the text flow well. You also need to inform us (-> the Translator) if you find any missing translations by making a thread in the Help Section -> Missing Translations Request -> J/C/K raws.
    If you want to apply for this job, please be dedicated, and if it's possible, fast. Editors can't work on the translations if they are not proofread. Don't forget to proofread your own application post. I'm serious.
    You can leave a reply here, or send a private message to Melita_H AND x5ga.   If you have problems posting on this forum or sending private messages, please check that you have validated your account first. If your profile says "Group: Validating" you will not be able to post or send messages until you have activated your account via email.

    Edit: We're only accepting GODLIKE Proofreaders. You'll have to be godlike and stuff.

    Edit 2: Closed for now because we have so many new and fast ones. Thanks to all of you who've applied~ :3
    Edit 3: Opened again because <reasons>
    Edit 4: Closed because OMG so many proofreaders.
    Edit 5: Opened. For now.
    Edit 6: Closed again, thank you to all the applicants!
    Edit 7: Opened again...whee and stuff.
    Edit 8: Closed again...done for now.
    Edit 9: The head proofreaders are busy at the moment, so proofreader recruitment will be reopened in the first week of November (2013).
    Edit 10: Umm...actually as it turns out we don't really need any more proofreaders at the moment, so...sorry about that...we will reopen recruitment eventually though.
    Edit 11: Opened again.
    Edit 12: and closed. Edit 13: Open again. Special limited time offer!
    -this message brought to you by x5ga-
    All applicants, please be sure to look at and heed the instructions and advice provided by the following posts in this thread: x5ga's post from August 29, 2012 (mostly applicable for all time); Lat's post from October 26, 2012; x5ga's post from October 26, 2012; Tear's post from December 2, 2012; Melita_H's post from July 21, 2013; November Rose's post from July 21, 2013; Melita_H's post from July 15, 2014 (which says the mostly same things as this paragraph, but with the addition of a fun and informative video 8D); and, of course, this post you're reading right now (since it has the application instructions and all).
    -this portion of this message brought to you by Melita_H-

    Recruiting: J Translators [Open], K Translators [Open], & C Translators [Open]

    By Tessa,
    In order to be a translator you must be fluent in the language you are translating from (Japanese/Korean/Chinese) and English. It's ok if you make spelling mistakes, the proofreaders will correct that.
    Experience would be great, but if we are the first group you are translating for that's fine too. Everybody has to start somewhere.
    Pay attention to details. Missing translations and SFX slow editors down.
    If you feel like helping please apply!
    You can leave a reply here or send a private message to the respective Head Translators [Chinese, Japanese-> SoRa; Korean-> Sepia]. Afterwards they will send you your test. Please wait up to 7 days for the head translator to send you the translation test. If you do not receive your test after 7 days feel free to "bump" the thread in case we missed you.   If you have problems posting on this forum or sending private messages, please check that you have validated your account first. If your profile says "Group: Validating" you will not be able to post or send messages until you have activated your account via email.

    Recruiting: Quality Checkers "QC-ers" [Open]

    By Tessa,
    As a Quality Checker, your job is to check for any mistakes of an unreleased chapter. As a chapter goes through the processing of translating, proofreading, and editing, you are the last defense to catch all mistakes made during those processes.
    Quality Checkers are to be familiar with TWO jobs: Proofreading and Editing (Cleaning and Typesetting by using Photosohp)

    If you are not familiar with editing: This guide teaches you the basic stuff about editing so you have an idea how to use photoshop. Here you can see what is expected of our editors.

    Please be dedicated if you want to help us out by joining the Quality Control team.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you would like to join leave a reply here. Don't forget to proofread your own application post. It wouldn't make a very good impression if your application post is already full of mistakes.

    This position requires you to take a Quality Checker Test that will be given to you by ayne via private message(don't post your e-mail address!).

    When handing the test in it, would be very helpful if you actually changed the "your_name" on the file name to YOUR username.
    [Evil_Flowers]_QC'er_Test_your_name -> [Evil_Flowers]_QC'er_Test_ayne   If you have problems posting on this forum or sending private messages, please check that you have validated your account first. If your profile says "Group: Validating" you will not be able to post or send messages until you have activated your account via email.

    -Updated by ayne-

    Recruiting: Editors [Open], Cleaners [Open], & Typesetters [OPEN]

    By Tessa,
    At the moment we're looking for EXPERIENCED editors only!
    Please be DEDICATED. Don't apply if you don't think you'll have the time to do it.
    To be an editor you need to know what an editor means.
    See this tutorial: The Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga
    An editor doesn't fix spelling and grammar mistakes, that's the proofreader's job. As an editor you'll need to clean the raws and put the english text on them.

    >CLICK ME for the cleaners test< [OPEN]  
    You have to read the following BEFORE you start the cleaner test.

    >CLICK ME for the Typesetter test< [OPEN]
    You have to read the following BEFORE you start the typesetter test.

    Please read the instructions in this first, then send it to us by email or leave a post here. You can upload archived the files (zip or rar) in either MediaFire or Dropbox.

    If you have problems posting on this forum or sending private messages, please check that you have validated your account first. If your profile says "Group: Validating" you will not be able to post or send messages until you have activated your account via email.

    Recruiting Raw Providers "Scanners" [Open]

    By Tessa,
    For this position you can do 2 things: 1. Find good quality scans for us on the internet. It takes a lot of work and sometimes it sucks because the scans just don't exist. 2. The second option and the fast one is to scan the manga/manhwa yourself. I know it's hard because not everyone has access to a scanner or a place where they can buy raws, but if you do please help us spread the manga/manhwa love ^^. This is how a HQ scan should look like: a MQ scan: and LQ scan: If you want to scan for us please provide us enlist MQ scans. The MQ can be leveled and cleaned and it can look good, but the LQ version is just too little and the text on it will be to hard to read. I know we have some projects that we are working on LQ scans but we want to keep that to a limit. Please come and help us release good looking scans ^^. At the moment we are searching for korean, chinese and japanese scanners willing to provide cute new titles for us. We'll work on anything you'll give us. If you consider the title worth it please provide the scans for us Smile .

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