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      12 Feb
    K-town Girl

    KT007 is fun to read. Just started yesterday and going back and forth between the Chinese and English versions. It's interesting to see some of the translation choices.

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Feb 27 2014 06:32 PM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

You open your eyes to the sound of a clock ticking and realize that you are on the ground. As you get up, you feel a throbbing pain on the back of your head as though someone had whacked you from behind with a sack of potatoes.

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10 reasons for being late.

Aug 13 2014 12:43 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Once in a while everyone is late. And once in a while everyone comes up with excuses for being late. Let's see how well our excuses are. :D

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A Magical Easter

Apr 19 2014 06:25 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Eeeeeeeeep, all the EF staffies turned into bunnies?! Oh noes, what shall we do now? Can they prepare some chapters and make a release this way?!!

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A present for you: The new Evil Flowers site!

Jan 05 2014 10:32 AM | Tamashii in EvilFlowers

First of all we hope that you all had some quality time to relax over Christmas and New Year. For us the last days have been indeed busy, as we moved the entire site and all services to a new server in Switzerland. Also the old WordPress blog was removed and replaced by a new version of IP.Board with many new plug-ins and features. We all hope you enjoy your late present! oni52

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A short release is short. [Update 24.08.14]

Aug 21 2014 06:12 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

As I'm short on time and it's time to make another release we'll be having the shortest release ever today. Therefore you'll be getting the 'skeleton version' of a release.

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Almost there!

Jul 27 2015 03:10 PM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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An epic tale of Lemurs, cranberries, sloths, an...

Aug 03 2014 07:30 AM | Melita_H in EvilFlowers

Once upon a time, in a faraway land...

Posted Image

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Another small release

Apr 27 2015 02:29 PM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

...because we don't have anything else ready 8D

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Back From The Dead

Feb 21 2014 01:25 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Greetings to you out there,
We finally got around to some new year's cleaning. After fighting our way through dust and cobwebs, we found some hidden gems. However... those poor, forgotten projects have become moody after being neglected for so long...

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Bird of Youth v06 ch4

Aug 06 2016 12:29 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Again, a minimalistic release. oni40

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Jan 18 2015 11:13 AM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

So I know we've already had plenty of release posts complaining about the cold this winter but I just wanna say, IT'S STILL REALLY COLD D:!!!

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Celebrating Chinchillas!

Mar 08 2014 02:21 PM | Melita_H in EvilFlowers

That's right. It's International Chinchilla Appreciation Day!
Posted Image

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Chapters In The (Evil) Flower Garden [Updated:...

Apr 27 2014 05:21 AM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

You wake up to the warm feeling of the sun on your face and the melodic chirping of the birds outside. The birds sound quite a bit louder than usual, as though they were actually inside your room. You feel very well rested after a good night's sleep, so you sit up and stretch with a long yawn. As a cool, gentle breeze brushes past you, you try to remember whether or not you closed your window last night. You rub the sleep from your eyes, and your heart skips a beat as you look around and quickly realize that the birds are indeed outside, but your window is nowhere to be seen, because you are not even in your bedroom...

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Chitose etc.

Nov 13 2014 02:30 PM | Cheesecake in Ongoing Projects

Chitose is a high school student who lives in Okinawa. One day, she meets Yukito, a student from Tokyo with whom she almost instantly falls in love with. After he kissed her, they plan to meet the next day but she falls ill from the Swine flu. Wanting to find her love, she transfers to Tokyo, only to discover Yukito already has a girlfriend ...?!

(Starry Heaven used to scanlate this. They gave us the project as they are closing down, sadly. We will continue this where they left off. Thank you SH, for giving us all the work you have done so far!)

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Chunqing Yatou Huolala

Nov 25 2015 05:40 PM | Nekomikoto in Upcoming Projects

After a night of drinking, Luo Yao Yao is almost raped by the insidious boss of the Imperial Dragon gang, Yu Ao Tian. They are interrupted by gang member and she is able to escape. Two years later, she's the elevator lady at China's number one business. Unknown to her is that the business was previously acquired by Yu Ao Tian.

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Ciel and TQK!

Nov 15 2015 02:36 PM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Dana's Garden

Jun 20 2015 06:54 AM | ayne in One-shots

"Don't cry, Dana will take away your sadness. Because this is Dana's Garden." With those words, young Ling-Ling comforts the crying boy, Jerome. But who is Dana, and can she really help Jerome overcome the grief of losing his mother?

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Dreaming of a Warm Spring

Mar 29 2015 12:46 PM | Unie in EvilFlowers

Meadows, daffodils, and warmth, oh my~

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EF is turning 5. Let's party!~

May 20 2014 08:16 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

And this calls for a huge celebration. :D After laying low for a while we're making a comeback with lots and lots of chapters. For the best enjoyment we recommend: Put away all the things you were doing (or are supposed to do), make yourself a drink, find a comfortable place.... and then you are ready for some awesome chapters.~

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EF turned 6! Happy late anniversary! <3

Jun 20 2015 05:34 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Never ever will we forget to make a birthday release. :D Sure it's late, but like they say, it's the thought that counts. Actually EF turned 6 on May 20th, but that was one hell of a busy time for everyone, so we kinda let it slide. However, since it's the 20th today as well, let's just pretend it's a month prior. ;D So here it comes:

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End of TQK!

Nov 22 2015 10:15 AM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Evyione 52

Sep 07 2015 10:37 AM | Cheesecake in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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First Advent~

Nov 25 2014 02:05 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

The first light is lit, now let the countdown to Christmas begin! :)

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Forget about Love v05 Intro B

Aug 03 2016 02:16 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Since I'm working full time on the new site right now, I'll be skipping the images here for the next releases. ;)

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Fourth Advent~

Dec 21 2014 01:41 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

We're almost there! The fourth and last candle is lit. :)

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Galism ch25

May 15 2016 03:17 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Galism v05 ch23

Nov 15 2015 10:55 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Goodbye Silent Dream Scanlations.

Oct 26 2014 02:36 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Silent Dream Scanlations are an awesome group which you probably know from our joints Hirunaka no Ryuusei or Runway Produce. They've officially retired on October 1st but stayed around to finish volume six of Hirunaka no Ryuusei. We've been working together since 2012 and it's been a pleasure to work with SDS and especially holanio, who helped us out on our own projects as well. :)

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Halloween Release

Oct 31 2015 06:55 PM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Happy (late) Easter!

Apr 12 2015 12:12 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

We sure are late with the Easter presents if you're going by the Gregorian calendar, but if you're Orthodox, then we're right on time! :D

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Happy Birthday, Aerandria

Jun 10 2014 02:40 AM | November Rose in EvilFlowers

Come join us as we host a masquerade ball in honor of Aerandria's 7th anniversary!

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Happy Halloween! :D

Oct 31 2014 07:45 AM | Melita_H in EvilFlowers

Not so long ago, there were four brave youngsters out on a Halloween night who, having become bored with the usual parties and trick or treating, abandoned such festivities and decided to go out looking for some spooky, scary action.

Posted Image

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Happy New Year!

Dec 31 2014 12:08 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Another year is coming to an end.

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Happy Valentine's Day! [Updated 15th Feb]

Feb 14 2015 04:30 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Have your Valentine's date with one of our sweet chapters we're bringing you today!

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Havin' that Fun without Me :<

Jul 21 2014 12:48 AM | Unie in EvilFlowers

I heard yous guys was havin' fun without me. You've been slippin' on those water slides and jumpin' in those sprinklers.

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Helloooo everyone~<3

Jun 30 2014 01:03 PM | lat in EvilFlowers

Wow, it's been a long time since I said hello on here, huh? Hello!!

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei Special

Apr 16 2014 12:47 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Actually, I haven't read HnR yet, so I can't say much about the story being awesome (please don't kill me, fangirls >__<) 'cept that I like its fluffy and adorable art.

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House-Warming Party~~

Jan 06 2014 10:22 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Hi everyone,
I guess everyone is still getting used to the new EF and exploring our new features.~ The EF stafff decided - that after all the stress with moving to a new site - to hold a party! Let's see how it looks like:

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I Can't Hold This Hand

Feb 19 2014 03:27 AM | ayne in One-shots

Touko and Kanade used to be close as children. With Touko outgrowing Kanade in height and starting modeling, a distance is created between those two. They treat each other coldly even though they have feelings for the other. Will they overcome their differences before Kanade moves far away?

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It's getting empty at EF

Jun 22 2014 05:03 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Once again, pretty much everyone is busy with exams so I guess you won't hear from us much in the following weeks. Still, here and then, we'll release some chapters.

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It's still getting cold...

Nov 24 2014 11:54 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

...At least for the ones that are not living at placed with reversed seasons. ;)

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Just a Decoration

Nov 17 2014 09:43 AM | Unie in EvilFlowers

Unie's spotted a weird decoration left over from Halloween. What the heck is it?!

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KANC ch 35

Dec 07 2015 11:12 AM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Karaoke Time!

Jul 26 2014 05:33 PM | November Rose in EvilFlowers

Hello ladies and gents. Do you know what time it is? It's karaoke time! Since it's still the summer, we might as well take the little time we have left to enjoy ourselves before school starts up again. So warm up those vocal cords and think of your favorite songs because we are going to sing until we can't sing anymore. Doesn't matter how good or how bad your voice is, we won't judge (aloud). Or if you really don't want to sing, you can be like Mel who is lame and just watch the others while munching on snacks.

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KT007 surfaced. :D

Dec 06 2015 02:25 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Posted Image
Posted Image

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Let's try something new!

Jul 11 2015 12:49 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Looking for rookies.~

Jul 06 2014 07:18 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

*Looks around* Where are all the enthusiastic new people that want to help us out? :D Don't be shy, we won't bite, unless....

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Minimalistic New Year's Eve Release. :D

Dec 31 2015 08:02 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Since we're all out partying. :3
Posted Image

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No updates here until we change sites

Aug 24 2016 02:21 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

As the title suggests, we won't be updating this release blog anymore until we change the site. For updates on our project check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/evil.flowers/

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Non Non Biyori ch25

Oct 20 2015 05:24 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Not spring yet, but...

Mar 01 2015 10:06 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

There are spring decorations everywhere by now and you can already start hoarding easter chocolates and sweets. So what to do in that pre-spring-y time?

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Oboreru Knife 36

Sep 05 2015 08:46 PM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Oboreru Knife ch39

May 03 2016 03:01 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Once upon a time...

Sep 08 2014 10:42 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Once upon a time, when magic was still a part of the world, the Kingdom of Evil Flowers bloomed and prospered.

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Pika and Amakusa <3

Jan 31 2016 09:15 AM | lat in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Pika Ichi ch26

Aug 08 2016 02:44 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers


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PitFG ch48

Dec 13 2015 04:03 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Return of Amakusa!

Dec 01 2015 09:31 AM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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Roses are red...

Feb 14 2014 09:57 AM | tamtam in EvilFlowers

... violets are blue.
We got releases, all for you~!

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Say hello to our new Project!

Feb 01 2015 03:48 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

We're taking on Stardust Wink! It was originally a joint between Starry Heaven and Girls' Generation but with Starry Heaven leaving the scanlation business we'll finish the last 3 volumes with Girls' Generation. :)

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Second Advent~

Dec 07 2014 12:45 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

And the second light is lit. :)
It's time for decoration now, if you haven't already started yet!

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Slowly progressing...

Mar 15 2015 12:00 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

There's actually not much to say and little to release so let's get to the interesting part right away.~

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Snow is coming! Quack~

Nov 09 2014 02:30 PM | Unie in EvilFlowers

It's that time of year when some of the Northern Hemisphere already has snow or will be getting some soooon. Come quickly! We must make our game plan!

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Sparkle Sparkle

Feb 24 2014 08:57 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Dear readers,
For today we decided to go with...

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Spriiiing! [Updated: March 23]

Mar 20 2014 11:00 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

It's springtime! If you look outside, you'll see that flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, butterflies are flying around, and birds are tweeting. And what is happening at EF?

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Stardust Wink

Nov 13 2014 03:02 PM | Cheesecake in Ongoing Projects

I’m Anna. I’m 14 years old and I’ve just entered the ninth grade. Sou and Hinata, who live in the same apartment complex as me, are my childhood friends and we’re all the same age. I thought that from now on we’d become even closer friends, but then Sou suddenly did that to me…!!

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Summer rain, you can never predict them

May 27 2014 05:39 PM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

A strong thunderstorm is underway tonight as you listen to the pounding of raindrops and explosion of thunder. But it wasn't the rain or the thunder that woke you up, it was the sound of a cat loudly meowing outside.

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Super duper busy... OTL

May 04 2015 04:34 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Yeah, I thought I'd step by for a bit before disappearing for a while again. I'm crazy busy at the moment and unless Neko takes over another vacant stop or I get a clone of myself... I guess we'll need a release person who'll do the least popular thing here: releasing. xD That way we can concentrate on what we like best: translating/proofreading/editing/qc-ing.

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Surprise, surprise! [Updated: Jan. 31, 2014]

Jan 22 2014 07:09 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Dear readers,

We've thought of how we could make you scream and swirl around and came up with this:

One week long.........
On each day........
One chapter of...........

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Sweet Cool

Feb 19 2014 04:23 AM | ayne in One-shots

Suzu's boyfriend suddenly broke up with her at the end of summer vacation. She pretended that it was alright while he was there, but as soon as he left she began to cry. The kind and cool Jun was passing by and gave her some gave her some sweet chocolate to cheer her up. The next day, they discover that they go to the same school. What will happen with this pair whose introduction was so sweet?

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The Cat and the Fox Christmas Story

Dec 23 2014 10:54 PM | November Rose in EvilFlowers

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. It's that time of year again. The time of year where we receive presents and drink hot cocoa to keep us warm. But Christmas is obviously more than presents and hot cocoa. It's about family and friendships. That's why I have another story for you. But this time, it won't be me to tell you the tale. No, let's got to a small cottage far away. Where a cat lives with his wife and kittens.

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The Penguin

Oct 11 2014 03:15 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

One day, a mysterious penguin, perhaps seeming more suspicious than mysterious, stood around.

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Third Advent~

Dec 14 2014 10:19 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Let's light the third candle. :)

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Tight times at EF

Feb 07 2014 05:28 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Dear readers,
Since our last release, you haven't heard from us for some days. A lot of our staff (especially admins) is away due to exams. Of course, we'd love to spend more of our free time on EF rather than studying, but surely it needs to be done... I mean, who doesn't want to have good results? ;)
However, since our staff is continuously decreasing, we were forced to do some decisions you might not like...

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Time for some Serious Business?! [Updated:...

Mar 27 2014 01:02 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

It's the start of another era. The internet developed and so did Junk Mail, a.k.a. Spam Mail. Spam Mail then developed to the point that it started to take on humanoid forms. Rarely do those Spam Mails do any good though, and so the hunt for them has begun.

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To brighten up your week. [Updated: April 10]

Apr 06 2014 09:47 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

It's the end of the week, and, at least for me, it has been very, very busy. Nevertheless, we got some chapters together.

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Triple Release!

Aug 16 2015 02:26 PM | Nekomikoto in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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We need staff!

Jul 18 2015 01:41 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Posted Image

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White Day Special! [Updated: March 17, 2014]

Mar 14 2014 08:06 AM | ayne in EvilFlowers

Last month we had Japanese Valentine's Day and now it's time for a bit of Japanese culture again: White Day!
Posted Image

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Your Top 5 Projects

Feb 16 2014 07:59 PM | ayne in EvilFlowers

You had the opportunity to tell us what projects you love, and you took it. Now, it's been a while, but we've finished counting your votes, and now we present you with the results:

*dun dun dun*

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