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Completed Projects

A Good Person

Dec 31 2013 09:38 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

A collection of 3 stories:
- The Good Fellow
- Byeok-Hwa-Roo
- Ignis

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Absolute Witch

Dec 31 2013 07:39 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Skyla is a young witch in a world where witches no longer exist. On her way to meet her husband she is picked up by an easily bored old woman and her servant, and a mysterious alchemist. What adventures will Skyla face on her way to Wells?

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Dec 31 2013 09:24 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Yuuri and Miu had always been best friends. They tried hard together to become fashion models. However, Miu got to debut first, and their relationship started to break down. Surging dark feelings and jealousy…what is there beyond Yuuri’s agony…?!

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Ai to Okane

Dec 31 2013 09:24 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Jin’s grandma wants one of her three grandsons to inherit her company. But the condition the boys need to satisfy is — earning 5 million yen?! While Jin is busy working for this impossible amount of money, a girl comes out of nowhere and asks him to marry her. What’s more, the girl is in possession of 2 billion yen?!

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Anata ga Megane wo Hazushitara

Dec 31 2013 09:25 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Collection of short stories:
• Anata ga Megane wo Hazushitara
• Hitorijime: The playboy Haruya’s rule is to not decide on one girlfriend. I don’t like crowds so I can monopolize Haruya…?!
• Goshujinsama to Yonde
• Delicious!! – Renjou Host Boy
• Houkago Engage – Houkago Host Club Final

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Anata no Mune ni Kaeru hi Made

Dec 31 2013 09:26 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

For Ran, love never goes well. She is having an affair with Tabuchi, her married boss, and once, when they quarreled, she was saved by Kazuya, a man she used to be in love with a long time ago. Kazuya used to be a close friend of Ran’s brother, but one day, he just disappeared. Ran had been drawn apart from him since then. After their reunion, Ran’s old feelings came back to life. However, there are many dark rumors surrounding Kazuya. Ran tries to find the truth, but a dark shadow is starting to settle over her life as well. What could be the reason for this...?!

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Angel at War

Dec 31 2013 07:43 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

As war rages between heaven and hell, a forbidden love blooms between an angel and a demon soldier.

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Angel Shop

Dec 31 2013 07:45 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

In a high-tech world, Boris finds out that his cute classmate, Yuri Angel, has created a robot that looks JUST like him! Annoyed by the robot’s resemblance, and by its creator’s lack of emotion, Boris hides the automaton in his room and sneaks into the Angel residence…pretending to be the robot itself. But once he succeeds at the bizarre ploy, how does he get out of it?

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Angel's Coffin

Dec 31 2013 09:30 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

When an ancient being is freed by an innocent girl, he offers to grant her heart’s desire — but Seto is bound to bring misery and misfortune to whoever releases him from his prison. Seto’s help in winning Marie’s true love dooms her to a dark fate… but has the demon unwittingly doomed himself, as well?

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Dec 31 2013 07:48 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Inez is a young orphan girl with a special gift that allows her to communicate with all creatures. A great destiny awaits her, the nature of which she is yet unaware. As our story opens, Inez is traveling with an old wizard named Kaager and a faithful dog named Zode. Her country is about to plunge into its first winter in one hundred years and ominous signs abound concerning the return of a demon-race which threatens the country’s fragile peace. Can little Inez -via a magic amulet- bring back her country’s ancient dragon protector in time?

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Be My Sweet Darling

Dec 31 2013 07:50 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

YOO Nan-Hee is a high-school girl and also the leader of the drama department. She was always a cheerful person, but everything changed when she began to feel something for JANG Gook-Yung. When she discovers that Jan Gook Yung is dating the princess of class 12, OH Eun-Yung, she ends up getting drunk. The poor JANG Gook-Yung gets stuck with taking her home but because of an accident he momentarily decides to take her to his house instead. Once there, she accidentally knocks him out and takes his clothes off for him because he fainted. The next morning her parents see the shocking image and decide that they must get married! Now they have to try to live a normal life… if they can…

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Book Club

Dec 31 2013 11:42 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

"For those who have courage…for those who do not fear death…open this book and turn the page!” goes the magazine in which this manhwa is serialized in. And for good reason. Peek into the horror within this particular book club. The president Kyungdo is a crazy maniac about books and while Eunsae tries to protect him from them, he is just so crazy about them. His fate in fact is connected to the legendary library of Alexandria, the greatest library that was ever destroyed, and Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood.

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Crimson Hero

Dec 31 2013 07:53 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

All that matters to 15-year-old Nobara Sumiyoshi, an amazing athlete with big-time ambitions, is volleyball. But sometimes, it seems like a girl just can’t get a break in the competitive world of high school volleyball. Nobara’s family wants her to inherit the role of a “young mistress”, serving rich patrons at her family’s old-fashioned Japanese restaurant. No thanks! When Nobara transfers to Crimson Field High School, known for its top-notch volleyball team, her mother does not hesitate to use dirty tricks to keep her off the court. With the help of her feisty Aunt Momoko, who has connections at Crimson Field, Nobara decides to start playing offense.

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Crush on You

Dec 31 2013 07:56 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Seung Hun is a boy who has never been in love. Yi Woo is a girl who wants to be loved for what she is and not because of her beauty. Jongyi is the mysterious person who will become their object of passion. Right from the start, a strange love triangle forms between these three. But as always love is a long painful path, especially if the object of that love is completely oblivious to your attentions.

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Daddy Long Legs

Dec 31 2013 07:58 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Left to the naive but good-hearted high school girl Cha Young-mi’s own devices after the tragic loss of her parents, Young-mi is determined to overcome whatever hardships the future may bring in order to complete her education. Through the help of an invisible benefactor who pays for her tuition fees and other necessary expenses, Young-mi is able to finish her studies and is offered her dream job as program writer for a radio station. It is there that she meets and falls in love with her colleague, Kim Joon-hoo. After Young-mi discovers a desperate message left behind by the former owner of her computer she decides to do something to help this heartbroken person…

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Dear Diary

Dec 31 2013 07:59 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Hyobi is a famous teen TV star who lived her whole life as her mama’s doll. Suddenly, Hyobi’s mother decides to send her back to high school on a whim. Hyobi’s kinda lost in all this and she doesn’t have a single friend at school. Then she meets a girl name Soyule, an outcast of the class, and her childhood friend Chanbi. Now, Hyobi feels drawn to Soyule and Chanbi for they don’t know who Hyobi is outside the school…

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Deep Clear

Dec 31 2013 09:31 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Honey Bitter meets Kodomo no Omocha! Shuri is a private detective with a special ability to read minds. She usually handles all sorts of cases, but this time she is faced with a rather unusual request. The famous actress Kurata Sana is going to play in a new film as a detective. She wants to be able to impersonate her character as best as possible so she asks Shuri if she can stick around to learn a few things that real detectives do and how they act. Despite this childish request, Shuri also recieves a more intimate request from Sana's manager, Sagami Rei, who wants to find out the reason why Sana and her husband, Hayama Akito, have decided to live separate one from another.

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Don't Touch Me!

Dec 31 2013 08:01 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

A girl comes back to her birthplace and she kisses a guy whom she hasn’t seen for 7 years! And that guy happens to be the most popular guy in school! The guys and girls all love his looks! What trouble awaits her at school?!

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Dream Fantasia

Dec 31 2013 11:39 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Hang-Ah is a girl who can foreseen the future through dreams. Along with Nabi, Hang-Ah goes on a journey in order to break the seal of the four gods.

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Edo Karuta

Dec 31 2013 09:34 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

A collection of historic short stories, each associated with a karuta card. The stories revolve around the red-light district of Yoshiwara, in Edo.

1) Kimori.
2) Kanrobai.
3) Maigoishi.
4) Akaishinyo.

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Erotic Horror

Dec 31 2013 09:36 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Five creepy oneshots by five different authors.
  • Fallen Women - Fake World by Watanabe Shiho Chieri is beautiful and popular and envied by everyone. Even her friend, the plain and shy Yuko. Then the email goes out, "You can now transfer your flaws and imperfections to Chieri Nanjou." It's not a joke, it's a curse...
  • Rose-coloured happiness
  • Hotaru is waiting
  • Shinigami Shiiku
  • Transient Future by Shimaki Ako Tsukamoto is stuck reliving the same day, and every day it ends with her boyfriend being killed by a mysterious stranger. Determined to save him, how far will she have to go?

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For the Sake of Dulcinea

Dec 31 2013 08:13 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Shin Soon-Ae has the perfect boyfriend in the eyes of her peers. He’s handsome, is in a band, and loves her. One problem though - she doesn't love him. One day, a boy appears and wants to board with her family as a student, and Shin Soon-Ae finds herself attracted to the boarding student. To complicate things, the boarding student seems to have strange mysteries of his own. BACKGROUND: Dulcinea is a reference to Don Quixote, a Spanish novel about a man who is in love with a woman, Dulcinea. It also happens to be the name of the band Shin Soon-Ae’s boyfriend is a part of.

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Forest of Gray City

Dec 31 2013 08:16 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Yun-Ook Jang is a 24-year old freelance illustrator who rents out a room to help pay off her debts. Her tenant is a 17-year old drop out named Bum-Moo Lee who only has a part-time job. Before Yun-Ook knew how old Bum-Moo was, he seemed rather mysterious and cold to her, and the two argued all the time. Then one day, Bum-Moo asks her a most dangerous question: ”Do you mind if I like you?”

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Full House Kiss

Dec 31 2013 08:18 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Suzuhara Mugi is a fifteen-year-old on a mission. She is determined to somehow get onto the campus of Shoukei High School, one of those super super elite high schools. This private school is huge and has tight security. Mugi is searching for her missing sister–her only remaining family–and she has been led to believe that someone or something on the campus of that school will help her in her search. Unfortunately, that strict school security is preventing her from getting onto the school grounds. However, her luck changes when she literally runs into Midou-kun, the son of an insanely rich mega-corporation president, and elite person at the school. Midou is not impressed with Mugi’s sob story about needing to get into the school. He is a very smug and arrogant rich guy. But he can be reasonable, and he eventually strikes up a deal with Mugi–he will get her onto the school grounds in exchange for some labor on her part. She must come to his house and work as a maid! Yeah, this is one of those servant girl stories, but there are a few interesting twists.

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Ghost Hunt

Dec 31 2013 08:21 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

The decrepit building was condemned long ago, but every time the owners try to tear it down, “accidents” start to happen-people get hurt, sometimes even killed. Mai Taniyama and her classmates have heard the rumors that the creepy old high school is haunted-possibly by ghosts from the Second World War. So one rainy day they gather at the old school to tell ghost stories, hoping to attract one of the suspected spirits. No ghosts materialize, but Mai and her friends do meet Kazuya Shibuya, the handsome young owner of Shibuya Psychic Research, who’s been hired to investigate paranormal activity at the school. Also at the scene are an exorcist, a Buddhist monk, a woman who can speak with the dead, and an outspoken Shinto priestess. Surely one of them will have the talents to solve this mystery!

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Dec 31 2013 09:37 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

“Gokko” means playing a game of make-believe. One day, a boy called Ikei comes to Fuyuko’s place and claims to be her brother. She doesn’t believe him, however she allows him to stay at her house. As a wannabe future actress she then starts playing “Gokko” with him to improve her acting skills. Where will it lead them?

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Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Club

Dec 31 2013 08:37 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Hana Suzuki loves only two things in life: eating and sleeping. So when her handsome classmate Izumi Oda talks her into joining the school hockey club, how is she going to survive getting up early, working hard, and playing well with others? True, the Grand Hockey Club is full of boys – super-cute boys at that – so maybe it won’t be so bad after all…

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Dec 31 2013 08:24 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Monarchy ended long ago in Korea, but there are still other countries with Kings, Queens, princes and princesses. What if Korea had continued monarchism? What if all the beautiful palaces which are now only historical relics were actually filled with people? What if the glamorous royal family still maintained the royal traditions? Welcome to a world where Korea still has the royal family living their lives! But for Che-Kyung, a high-school girl, this is a tragedy, since she has to marry the prince who turns out to be a total jerk!

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Hachimitsu Shounen

Dec 31 2013 09:39 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Luna is seventeen years old, doesn’t have a boyfriend, and is getting crazy about it. When a old friend, two years younger than her, comes back into her life, everything will change.

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Haikei Date Masamune-sama

Dec 31 2013 11:47 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Tamura Aki is a maniac when it comes to historical things and she especially loves Date Masamune. Therefore, when she meets for the first time Hashiba Masaki, who happens to have a bandage on his right eye, just like Masamune, she believes that he´s her destined love. Hashiba-sama, as Aki calls him, is a rather violent guy that fights with his fists some yakuza-like fellows. How will she be able to get close to him in this kind of a situation?

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Hana wa Knife wo Mi ni Matou

Dec 31 2013 08:26 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Kako Saeki is a senior in high school. She has been modeling and harboring her love for her favorite art teacher, Enjoe. Her heart breaks when she finds out that her love is actually engaged. Now, Kako’s innocent love takes a dangerous turn when she finds out whom is he engaged to...

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Handmade no Oujisama

Dec 31 2013 09:46 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Asaba Michiru is a fashion magazine editor. Not only is she nicknamed “Mighty Woman”, but her excellent image also brings high praise from her colleagues. But then, because Michiru ‘can’t sew buttons’, her boyfriend uses this excuse to dump her. Thus, Michiru embarks on a mission to become a perfect and flawless woman. She begins taking sewing lessons from a cute guy who calls himself the “Handmade no Ouji”, or the “Handmade Prince!”...

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Happy & Murphy

Dec 31 2013 08:28 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Hangyul has only been carrying credit cards (no cash) since her kidnapping when she was 6 years old. One day, Gyuh-lu, the adopted son of her birth mother appears and transfers her to his school and starts living with her at her house! So these two delinquents meet…

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Happy Rush

Dec 31 2013 09:47 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

The energetic Natsumi is a newly employed at a Housemaking company. She works hard to get Section Chief Tohjoh's (who she fell in love with at first sight) approval, but she can't seem to get things right. Then one day, Natsumi gets a chance to prove herself to Tohjoh. Will she finally get Tohjoh's attention?

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He Was Cool

Dec 31 2013 11:48 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Ye-won was trying to climb up the fence of the school in order to cut self-study and accidentally kissed the leader of the 4 smartest guys in the school. Due to the kiss, Ji, Eun-sung forced Ye-won to be his girlfriend because he doesn’t even try to grasp a girl’s hand if the girl is not going to be his wife. At first, Ye-won hated him who is selfish and cynical, but unconsciously, she was attracted to him. This guy seems to have a broken heart. Finally, Ye-won decided to hug and embrace his pain…

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Heart o Uchinomese!

Dec 31 2013 08:34 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

No matter how many times she sleeps with Arai, Negishi realizes that neither her nor Arai’s feelings were being conveyed. Their sex felt “like” love, but only feeling “like” something wasn’t the same thing as having it. What is Negishi supposed to do in order to get Arai to understand her true feelings?

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Heaven's Mail

Dec 31 2013 09:47 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Emi has a friend she keeps in contact with via text messages, Kei. They promised to met in the summer but Kei didn’t come. It turns out Kei has actually passed away! So who has been messaging Emi? And at the same time, Emi meets Kazumi who reminds her of Kei. Who exactly is Kazumi?

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Hetare Venus

Dec 31 2013 09:48 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Her classmates were always intimidated by her height, hence she received the nickname of “Big Sister” for sixteen years. But this is far from the truth! She not only is a coward who doesn’t dare to say what’s on her mind, she’s also super scared of horror movies! Like every girl in love, for the sake of the guy she likes, she volunteered to be on the committee of the school’s cultural festival. Unfortunately, her class then chose “haunted house” as their theme; how will she get through this now?

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Dec 31 2013 08:37 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

University student Miyu always sacrifices time with her friends just so she could visit the house of her brother in law and his son. The brother in law tries to stop her from helping out around the house, since their relationship should have ended after the death of his wife, but Miyu just would not give up. Why is she so adamant about hanging around them?

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I Wish...

Dec 31 2013 08:39 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

K is a wizard who can grant wishes. All he asks in return is that which is most precious to the wisher… Mourning from a horrific loss, Jin Ryu wants K to bring back her parents and brother from the dead. But when K tells her that a wish such as this can only lead to greater tragedy, he agrees to take her on as an apprentice. Now Jin observes K with his various and sundry clients: A father who wants to put a stop to his son’s relationship… A young woman who longs for her lover to remember… A boy who will do anything to be accepted…

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Iinchou no Himegoto

Dec 31 2013 08:41 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Ayano, the committee chairman, got drunk at a ballgame after party. Next morning, when she came to, she finds herself in Kagura-Kun’s bed! Plus she is in her undergarments?! Kagura-Kun, who is in the same class as her, is the 10th head of the famous Kagura lineage. Having had one night stand with someone so omnipotent, Ayano can’t help but feel anxious. What should Ayano do?

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Johyou to Chuujitsu na Geboku

Dec 31 2013 11:53 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

The Leopard and the Faithful Manservant:
1) After getting dumped the most spectacular way at the start of a new year, she calls up her childhood friend for some emotional unloading. And when she thinks things can't get any worst, she gets her wrist broken by the car accident caused by her friend. She then commands him to be her slave until her wrist is healed.

A Fiery Kiss on a Rooftop:
2) With the party girl's hands forced by her parents to either get a teaching license or have her allowance cut off, she caves. Begrudgingly, she sets off for her practicum at a high school.

His Feverish Glance:
3) With her wedding nine months away and a comfortable life seemingly in her lap, she helps a handsome stranger out when he was being pursued.

The House Touched by a Spirit:
4) A trip with her married co-worker to Hokkaido ends disastrously after he chickens out after his wife contacts him. The girl tries to hitch a ride to town from a passing stranger but he brings her home instead.

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Kimi ga Suki Plus

Dec 31 2013 09:49 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Story 1: Christmas Version – Aki wants to go on a trip with Mase, but they have no money for it so they decide to get a part time job. Unfortunately, not many are ok to hire high-school kids. Aki gets a job at a bar owned by Mase’s brother, that doesn’t think she is worthy of being the girlfriend of his little brother. She is determinate to prove him wrong and spend the best Christmas with her boyfriend.
Story 2: Passion Pink Version released in Genshoku Tsundere Danshi Semekare by Chibi Manga.
Story 3: Koibana Confession

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Kimi ni Moete Ii Desu Ka

Dec 31 2013 09:50 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Kyoko isn’t interested in men, well, not real men that is. Her only love is “Haruki”, an anime character. But what happens when Aki, her flashy classmate, kisses her unexpectedly and asks her to date him?

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Kimi wa Kirakira

Dec 31 2013 09:51 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Shinobu is a college student who seemingly has no conviction. Her childhood friend, the captain of the archery team, is worried about her. When she meets a football player in an interesting way, watching the guy’s enthusiasm as he plays, she gets the sudden urge to take his picture.

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Kindai Renai

Dec 31 2013 09:52 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

A collection of 9 one-shots done by Fujiwara Kaoru. If you like dark stories you’ll enjoy this volume.

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Koakuma to Meromero Tengoku

Dec 31 2013 09:52 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Otomaru is out drinking with her boss and the next thing she realizes is that she’s in a love hotel with him. This frightens her to no end and she just wants to leave, but her boss is persistent, and it turns out he’s a very good lover. So they become friends with benefits in secret, as she’s shy and he’s most definitely not. But what Otomaru hasn’t yet figured out is why her boss keeps coming back to her…

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Koiiro Senritsu Double Ouji

Dec 31 2013 09:53 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Inori is a dropout student at a music school… She has no talent, but she really loves the piano! She’s a huge fan of the two brother pianists who also go to the same school, Daichi and Kairi, and she vows that someday, she will definitely catch up to them! However, her father disappeared while leaving behind a debt…Daichi and Kairi offers to support her with the tuition fee, and to lend her a room. However…?!

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Koisuru Heart de Taihoshite

Dec 31 2013 09:54 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Asuka, a woman detective, wishes to arrest the phantom thief Cerberus, who is widely talked about in town, because he kissed her by force…! Besides the title story filled with love and action, the two of love comedy series of nurse Nana and doctor Hiura are included in this collection of short stories.

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Dec 31 2013 11:57 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Mika is just a normal high school student who dreams of having a wonderful love. And then one day, she happens to meet Hiro, the guy of her destiny. While experiencing many sad events, and while getting hurt, the time she spends with him is still one of the most happy moments in her life...

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Kono Sora ni Hibike

Dec 31 2013 09:55 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Nene, Hajime and Ryou have been friends from their childhood. Now in high school, they spend their days practicing for the school’s marching band. But the club, lacking members, is about to close down. And Nene, who wavers between sarcastic Hajime and brother-like Ryou, must decide between the two…

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Lovers Alpha

Dec 31 2013 09:57 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Miyako, who has undergone strict training, is the heiress of a rich family. However, the person she loves is her distant cousin Chiaki, who is her complete opposite. Miyako’s mother has always been opposed to their relationship and arranges an omiai [arranged marriage interview] for her. Just when Miyako prepares to elope with Chiaki, she finds out that he has already left…?

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Dec 31 2013 08:46 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

The Devil’s Castle is a dark and somber place, until the good-hearted apprentice Asarella stumbles into this abode on a goodwill mission, against the wishes of her master, the Arch-Mage, Elihue. Things sour quickly, and soon Asarella is bound in a blood pact with The Devil. Little does she know that the mage harbors a secret love for her, which will only complicate her training to prepare her for the apocalyptic battle to come, and which sets up the most unusual love triangle of any place or time.

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Masca: The Beginning

Dec 31 2013 11:58 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Although this was released after the 12 volumes of Masca, it is a prequel to the main story. It shows how Caien became a demon lord, about his relationship with Rakin, The King of Speira, and the love triangle between the 2 with the beautiful Rea of the mascan race. Asarella also appears, but the story seems to be concentrating more on Rakin and Rea.

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Mascara Blues

Dec 31 2013 09:58 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Mugino falls in love REALLY easily. If she finds a good-looking guy who “sparkles”, then she’ll immediately confess. But after confessing, that “sparkle” seems to disappear… The only guy, who is in fact her only friend, that she can talk to it about is Shuuya. But their relationship takes a turn and it’s up to Mugino to fix her own problems now… The volume is actually a collection of 3 oneshots and the description above is only for the first story.

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My Mother and the Game-room Guest

Dec 31 2013 08:56 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

This manhwa is a parody of a Korean novel called Sarangbang (Korean room) Guest and My Mother, a story that most Koreans have read. It’s a classic piece about a widow and her child. The widow rents a room in her house to a man, but soon after, the man and the widow have feelings for each other. The key thing here is that the story is told through the eyes of the six year-old child. In this parody, the widow is a “game-junkie” who runs a game room. One day a very handsome man collapses in the game room.

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Neck and Neck

Dec 31 2013 08:58 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Dabin Choi is the daughter of Seoul’s most powerful crime boss, and daddy’s little girl has the hots for Eugene, the son of one of her father’s ‘friends’. There’s just one problem: Eugene isn’t into Dabin. In fact, he thinks of her more like a little sister. (The kiss of death!) To make matters worse, Dabin’s new classmate is none other than the son of her father’s long-time rival. Soon, everyone at school starts playing power games that would make their fathers proud!

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Ookamitachi no Gohoubi

Dec 31 2013 09:59 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Sarashina Tsumugi is a new transfer student who is thrilled to finally be able to go to the school her mother graduated from. It’s still summer break, but Tsumugi arrives at the school early for an assembly. Almost immediately after setting foot on campus, she encounters two guys and a girl arguing apparently fighting over a ring. The girl is trying to break up the argument, but her actions don’t help much. In the scuffle, the ring goes flying through the air and lands down Tsumugi’s uniform blouse! One of the guys pounces on Tsumugi, tearing her blouse open chasing after the ring! Shocked and horrified, Tsumugi slaps him, and desperately tries to covering herself. What is wrong with this school! Anger immediately sets in, and she yells at both guys, reprimanding them for their actions. Her anger is so fierce, that they immediately apologize. Tsumugi learns that these guys are cousins: Ibara Chitose and Ibara Hajime. Although Tsumugi has a bad impression of them, it turns out that Hajime and Chitose are extremely popular. They are even related to the school superintendent and currently serve as co-vice presidents of the student council! And whats this being super close? After the scene earlier she knows they are nothing but liars: they didn’t get along AT ALL! Now at the morning assembly she hears her name being called, whats this?! Ibara Chitose, looking rather smug, has just declared that Tsumugi is their endorsed candidate for the next Student Council President! What will become of her peaceful school life?!

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Dec 31 2013 08:59 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Yuna is a special girl. Ever since she was little, she has had unbeatable luck. All the girls in her class even come to her to ask for luck with the boys they like! Although an orphan, Yuna is not sad. She still has her older brother, and together they fight through everything. But one day, Yuna meets this strange attractive boy who demands that she gives the only memento she has of her mother to him…

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Oujisama no Kanojo

Dec 31 2013 10:00 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Michiru’s dream is to have a real prince propose to her. Now, three princes from an Arabian royal family came to study at her schoo,l and her friend, Tanguchi, seems to be a prince from that royal family, too. What will happen next?

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Oyayubi Hime

Dec 31 2013 12:05 PM | x5ga in Completed Projects

In Japanese, Oyayubi Hime literally means Thumb Princess, but it is also the name used for the classic fairy tale Thumbelina. Our heroine, Kogami Madoka, is talented at massage (ie, she has magic thumbs), earning her the title of Thumb Princess in a different way than Thumbelina. She’s always giving free massages to her friends and one day she finally gets the chance to massage the boy she likes, Matsuoka. But, he runs away from her like he’s been touched by fire. Rumors say that Matsuoka hates to be touch by girls and he’s even violent about it. Will she be able to melt his heart with her “magic fingers”?

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Papillon - Hana to Chou

Dec 31 2013 09:00 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Ageha, an ordinary (and rather unpopular) girl, is constantly overshadowed by her popular and beautiful twin sister, Hana. Because Ageha grew up in the countryside with their grandmother while Hana was raised by their parents, the two girls ended up with drastically different personalities. For the most part, Ageha remains a silent and hidden student in the school, with only one friend (who isn't all that nice either). In fact, nobody even really knows that she is Hana's twin sister, because despite looking alike, there is still a large gap between their levels of beauty and popularity. When Hana finds out that Ageha has a crush on a cute boy named Ryuusei (who is actually Ageha’s childhood friend from the countryside), Hana becomes curious about their relationship.

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Rabu Kare

Dec 31 2013 10:01 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

A compilation of 6 sweet stories about finding love and learning how to keep it.

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Real Lies

Dec 31 2013 10:02 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

This book contains three separate and unusual stories set in alternate realities. The first story, “Martian’s Earth Conquest”, tells the tale of a person who is coping with the loss of someone special. The second tale, “Is it Really Not Possible?”, makes you wonder if a man and a woman can truly be just friends. And the last of the three, “Sci-Fi”, is a sad tale about a girl who hates robots and a humanoid who serves her. The creator, who believes that the best privilege artists get is to ”lie,” creates a whole new world beyond your imagination. Still, even though these tales are from different worlds, the topic has a great sense of reality, and the readers are guaranteed to be able to closely relate to them.

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Real Purple

Dec 31 2013 12:12 PM | x5ga in Completed Projects

This is the story of two siblings, Joo-won and Hee-won, and one man determined to take Hee-won’s heart. Both Joo-won and Hee-won feel isolated after their parents separate due to infidelity and remarriage, placing both of them in new families. However, Hee-won’s new step brother, In-hyuk, notices Hee-won’s suffering. Is he determined to take care of her, or is there something more?

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Reimei no Arcana

Dec 31 2013 12:13 PM | x5ga in Completed Projects

“On that day, I became the enemy’s possesion,” Nakaba thought as she stood there, knowing her destiny was to be married for convenience to keep the peace between her country Senan and Prince Caesar’s country, Belquat; two neighbor countries on a island. Between the two countries there has been a constant war for 200 years and Nakaba has become a sacrificial goat for her country despite the discrimination to her red hair and to the sub-person (half-human, half-animal) Loki, who is her only friend and attendant at Caesar’s estranged palace. But what will Nakaba do when she foresees an event pertaining to Prince Caesar’s demise? Will she save him? Or let him die in return to all the hate directed towards her by the people of Belquat?

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Renai Joujou

Dec 31 2013 10:03 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Tsubasa, a normal teenage girl, promises to her dying grandfather that she’d fulfill his last wish. However, it turns out that she must marry the heir of a tea ceremony school due to her grandfather’s promise? What?! But, there are two heirs, so she must decide who to marry, or if to just run away from her problem.

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Romantic Beauty

Dec 31 2013 10:04 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

It’s been a year since Yuka confessed her love to her prince and was cruelly humiliated. However, her spirit wasn’t crushed, so she’s totally transforms herself to confess her prince one more time. But on the way Yuka finds something more important…

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Runway Produce!!

Dec 31 2013 12:17 PM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Yamato, a boy who lives in Shirakami Mountain Village, Aomori, loves festivals. He visits the Tokyo Girls Collection, attracted by its title as “The BIGGEST fashion festival in Japan”. Although he doesn’t have a ticket, he manages to get inside. He encounters a fight between models, and successfully breaks it up. At that time, one person shows up and offers him an opportunity to work as a producer. Will Yamato be able to take advantage of this BIG chance…?!

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S to M no Sekai

Dec 31 2013 09:02 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

To survive a fatal train crash, Sekai Maihime is thrust back in time where she discovers she has hidden powers that are connected to a doll, ‘S.’ She is both aided and limited by ‘S’s’ vague (but kind) guardian, Sovieul, who is the cause for Sekai’s presence in 17th century France. Sovieul vows to protect Sekai, but offers little information as to why these strange events are happening. Unfortunately, they encounter Machiavello (also referred to as the Devil) who looks a lot like Sekai’s childhood friend and love Midou. Machiavello covets the powers shared by Sekai and ‘S’ so he may obtain the power of the Devil R. Sekai only wants to find Midou and return to her time, but she’s constantly hindered by her conflicting desires with ‘S’ and by Machiavello’s attempts to obtain her body. To find Midou, Sekai must cooperate with ‘S’ and Sovieul to traverse through time while avoiding Machiavello.

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Sad Love Story

Dec 31 2013 09:04 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

As a child, Joon-young was always teased because his mother owned a bar that served Americans. When he meets Hae-in, a blind girl, they become childhood sweethearts and he vowed to always protect her. However, Hae-in and her mom take off one night, leaving Joon-young and his promise behind. Hae-in later meets Gun-woo, the rich son of a CEO. Among these three, a tragic love triangle begins to form…

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Saint Dragon Girl Miracle

Dec 31 2013 12:18 PM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Anjuu Sendou is a nice girl who just started her first year in the Seiryuu Academy Middle School. She is currently living away from home as a boarding student with her pet named Lime. Her father is a sorcerer and her mother is an expert in chinese kenpo. They are both famous, especially her mother who is called Dragon Momoka. Because of her mother’s fame the executive committee wants Anjuu to join the student council. But the council’s president thinks that she is a weak girl, so to prove him wrong she decides to catch the school thief. But when things get harder, she wishes to become stronger. So her pet suddenly transforms into a small child with wings (it can’t transform into a dragon yet, because it’s only a child) and tells her about her power. During a second assault from the thief, Anjuu, with the help of Lime, transforms into a new Saint Dragon Girl, defeating the enemies and becoming the school’s protector. Will the student council’s members find out the true identity of the “warrior” girl? Will Anjuu be able to keep her secret?

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Dec 31 2013 09:05 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Lena Ha is a beautiful and tough girl who is the captain of the kendo team. She meets Hye-Min Kang, the son of the president of a big company in Korea, and the two seem to fall in love at first sight. But when Lena learns that she and Hye-Min are half-siblings, she runs away and falls into a strange body of water. When Lena wakes up, she finds herself in a strange kingdom… and learns that she may be its only hope. Now Lena, disguised as Ley, is ready for many adventures.

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Sayonara no Jikan

Dec 31 2013 10:04 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Collection of short stories including:
Nante Bakana Koi Nanda He hates girls that cry all the time. The reason why he’s my friend is because I don’t cry. If I’m his friend, I can stay be his side. Therefore, I absolutely can’t cry in front of him.

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Seduction More Beautiful than Love

Dec 31 2013 09:06 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

A new teacher, Miss Jung, has a student she particularly worries about. Ryu Min is the top student in the school, he’s tall, smart, and handsome. He shocks her by telling her that he wonders what it would feel like to kiss her. What is she to do about him?

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Dec 31 2013 10:05 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

There was a western style house buried deep within the forest… something terrible happened, and for those who thought they died inside, this was only the beginning!

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Shite, Okeba Yokatta Koukai

Dec 31 2013 10:06 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

En Asakura is having the same dream lately. She dreams of a boy asking her to kiss him. Her dream is connected to a painful memory from her high-school life when she fell in love with a boy named Maru. When he asked her to kiss him she refused and now she’s regretting it. Not to mention that the boy started to date another girl after that incident. En is now in university and is trying to find her life partner through “blind group dates” [goukon]. What will she do when a boy with the same name as her past crush asks for her number? Will she refuse and regret it again?

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Skyhigh Shinshou

Dec 31 2013 12:22 PM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Similar the Skyhigh 1, Skyhigh Shinshou presents the stories of those souls who get to the Gate of Grudges. Izuko, keeper of the Gate of Grudges presents each soul with three choices: pass through the Gate of Grudges to heaven and be reborn, refuse to admit death and remain as a ghost on earth, or haunt and kill one person and then proceed to hell and eternal suffering. What does each soul choose and why? A collection of various stories done by Takahashi Tsutomu.

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Soul to Seoul

Dec 31 2013 09:08 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Kai and Spike are best of friends. They have a common background, the fact that they are both half Koreans. They both feel alone and mistreated, angry towards the world, and uncomfortable in their own house. One day in the middle of black Harlem, they accidentally encounter a Korean foreign student, Sunil, and both become interested in her...

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Steady Study

Jan 09 2014 01:19 PM | Cheesecake in Completed Projects

Love at first sight means bad luck for her so Koyori can't find real love. The same thing can't happen again!!...she decided but just when she did so, she meets Mine during summer classs and falls in love at first sight again!? But Mine is different from the guys up until now, he's pure and straight forward and Koyori's heart can't stop loving him!?

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Suki Kirai Suki

Dec 31 2013 12:25 PM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Inoue Azusa’s classmate, Saito, is extremely good looking, but he has the worst personality ever. For some reason, he started noticing Azusa and gets her in a lot of trouble. Although he’s very annoying, Azusa gradually becomes attracted to him. However, Azusa’s classmate, Kou, is not only handsome and is the president, but towards Azusa he is…?!

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Sweety Gem

Dec 31 2013 09:08 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Once upon a time … A pretty princess has just been born in the kingdom of Party Land. The three fairies are invited to her baptism. The malicious witch excluded from the festival launches a curse against the poor child… The day of her fifteenth birthday, the princess Rubis eats a poisoned apple and becomes captive in a quite particular jewel: the Sweety Gem. In 1998, Yan, a young mannequin, finds the jewel and embraces it by accident … The princess is released from her long sleep…

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Teen Spirit

Dec 31 2013 09:11 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Hwee Kang is in a band with all his friends and is recruited by a well known company called JBL. Because they all look like stars, there are high expectations. During the audition, what surprise did they give everyone and what will Hwee Kang do?

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The Queen's Knight

Dec 31 2013 12:25 PM | x5ga in Completed Projects

When Yuna Lee’s mother moves to Germany to pursue a music degree, she’s left to stay with her father, a university professor, and her three older brothers, who are fiercely overprotective of her. During her summer vacation, she visits her mother in Germany, where she falls off a cliff and is rescued by Rieno, an 18-year-old knight living in the land of Phantasma. Rieno makes a deal with Yuna: If he saves her life, she must come with him and be the Queen of Phantasma. After agreeing, she goes back home, only to return to Germany some months later, and is whisked away to Phantasma by Rieno. Now, she must cope with being the Queen of Phantasma, while forgetting the world she came from.

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The Tarot Cafe

Dec 31 2013 09:12 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Meet Pamela, a tarot card reader who helps supernatural beings living in the human world. She’ll help anyone, whether they’re a love-stricken cat, a vampire spending eternal life running from his one true love, an unattractive waitress looking for the man of her dreams, or even a magician who creates a humanoid doll to serve the woman he loves. Although Pamela is good-natured, there is a deep dark secret that she must deal with before she can move on to the next life.

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Tonari no Sugoshin

Dec 31 2013 09:13 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

After losing her parents when she was young, Rio has been supporting herself and her brother. Rio believes that it’s useless to rely on others. One day, she buys a trump card of the jack of clubs, modeled after Sir Lancelot, believing she could gain good money auctioning it off the internet. That night she meets Sir Lancelot in her dreams, dreams which then recur every time she sleeps. When Yuuki-kun asks her to go out with him and nearly kisses her, Lancelot suddenly appears out of nowhere and says he has come to save her...

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Dec 31 2013 09:15 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

A love triangle, a friendship triangle, an enemy triangle. Three friends placed together by fate to live out their lives.

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Tsuiteru Kanojo

Dec 31 2013 10:07 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Yukimi has the misfortune of being very easily possessed by spirits, and realizes that she has been cursed with a guardian ghost. And so all of her dates with men end badly. When she goes to the temple to ask for an exorcism, the good-looking head priest suddenly proposes to her?! Is this lucky? Or unlucky?

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Vanilla Frosting

Dec 31 2013 12:28 PM | x5ga in Completed Projects

Aram is a high school student who lives with her food stylist aunt. Aram’s parents had to live out of the country and her kind aunt was willing to move in with Aram to take care of her. One day, Aram and her aunt get to witness a cooking show on TV that ended in catastrophic broadcasting blunder. Out of her curiosity, Aram goes to look for the patisserie who was on that show… which will lead her to change the perspective on her life and future.

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Yoru Café

Dec 31 2013 09:16 AM | x5ga in Completed Projects

A widow inherited a café and the workers in it from her deceased husband. Stuff happens.

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