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    Status: 11 Volumes (Complete) Mangaka: Ogawa Yayoi Genre: Drama || Josei || Romance || Sports Translated into Spanish by: Himitsu Paradise & Waterlily Fansub Translated into Russian by: Henka no Kadze Translated into Polish by: Synhtesiss Group Translated into Portuguese by: Neko Otaku Scan Translated into French by: Aidoku France
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    To be a proofreader you need to have a good English level. You need to observe grammar or spelling mistakes that the translator might have missed while concentrating on the translation, and overall to make the text flow well. You also need to inform us (-> the Translator) if you find any missing translations by making a thread in the Help Section -> Missing Translations Request -> J/C/K raws. If you want to apply for this job, please be dedicated, and if it's possible, fast. Editors can't work on the translations if they are not proofread. Don't forget to proofread your own application post. I'm serious. Please leave a reply here, or send a private message to Melita_H AND x5ga. After you've applied, one of us will send you a test. If you have problems posting on this forum or sending private messages, please check that you have validated your account first. If your profile says "Group: Validating" you will not be able to post or send messages until you have activated your account via email. Edit: We're only accepting GODLIKE Proofreaders. You'll have to be godlike and stuff. Edit 2: Closed for now because we have so many new and fast ones. Thanks to all of you who've applied~ :3 Edit 3: Opened again because <reasons> Edit 4: Closed because OMG so many proofreaders. Edit 5: Opened. For now. Edit 6: Closed again, thank you to all the applicants! Edit 7: Opened again...whee and stuff. Edit 8: Closed again...done for now. Edit 9: The head proofreaders are busy at the moment, so proofreader recruitment will be reopened in the first week of November (2013). Edit 10: Umm...actually as it turns out we don't really need any more proofreaders at the moment, so...sorry about that...we will reopen recruitment eventually though. Edit 11: Opened again. Edit 12: and closed. Edit 13: Open again. Special limited time offer! -this message brought to you by x5ga- All applicants, please be sure to look at and heed the instructions and advice provided by the following posts in this thread: x5ga's post from August 29, 2012 (mostly applicable for all time); Lat's post from October 26, 2012; x5ga's post from October 26, 2012; Tear's post from December 2, 2012; Melita_H's post from July 21, 2013; November Rose's post from July 21, 2013; Melita_H's post from July 15, 2014 (which says the mostly same things as this paragraph, but with the addition of a fun and informative video 8D); and, of course, this post you're reading right now (since it has the application instructions and all). -this portion of this message brought to you by Melita_H-
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    Status: 36 Volumes (Completed) Mangaka: HAYAKAWA Tomoko Genre: Comedy || Drama || School Life || Romance || Shoujo Note: this project was licensed in English, so if you live in the USA or UK, please buy this! Translated into Spanish by: Martha Translated into Portuguese by: Kamereon Manga [under Construction]
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    Status: 11 Volumes (Complete) Mangaka: KAJI Eiri Genre: Comedy || Mystery || Psychological || Romance || Shoujo || Supernatural Translated into French by: MagicScan & Ichigo, Chocolate and Cake Translated into Spanish by: Sweet Yaoi Translated into Italian by: DC Scanlations Team Translated into Portuguese by: Kawaii Evolution
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    Status: 3 Volumes (Ongoing) Mangaka: Kin Young Hee Genre: Drama || Fantasy || Mature || Romance || Tragedy || Supernatural || Shoujo Prequel: Masca Note: this is a sequel the mangaka created for the fans. Every volume has 50-60 pages and is not her current main project. She's working on this between her deadlines for Evyione. This is a self published series and might continue only if the books are sold. If you have the opportunity please support the manhwaka and buy this title. Translated into Spanish by: Heaven of Temptation Translated into French by: FDE continued by Manga & Friend
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    I just died of excitement after seeing the update KAINEN is SO FREAKING HOT Thank you so much for translating
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    As a Quality Checker, your job is to check for any mistakes of an unreleased chapter. As a chapter goes through the processing of translating, proofreading, and editing, you are the last defense to catch all mistakes made during those processes. Quality Checkers are to be familiar with TWO jobs: Proofreading and Editing (Cleaning and Typesetting by using Photosohp) If you are not familiar with editing: This guide teaches you the basic stuff about editing so you have an idea how to use photoshop. Here you can see what is expected of our editors. Please be dedicated if you want to help us out by joining the Quality Control team. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you would like to join leave a reply here. Don't forget to proofread your own application post. It wouldn't make a very good impression if your application post is already full of mistakes. This position requires you to take a Quality Checker Test that will be given to you by ayne via private message(don't post your e-mail address!). When handing the test in it, would be very helpful if you actually changed the "your_name" on the file name to YOUR username. Example: [Evil_Flowers]_QC'er_Test_your_name -> [Evil_Flowers]_QC'er_Test_ayne If you have problems posting on this forum or sending private messages, please check that you have validated your account first. If your profile says "Group: Validating" you will not be able to post or send messages until you have activated your account via email. -Updated by ayne-
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    I wonder if there will be a new revival for EF 😍
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    Thanks so much for the newest chapter and all your hard work!
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    Yey! Good job guys! ^^ I'm still havin troubles finding the editor's area, but I am on my phone and maybe that is why :p.
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    Hey guys, thank you so much for your hard work! I know you guys are busy but I really hope you can finish the last 3 chapters. I recently discovered Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 and I've been obsessed with it ever since
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    It was an ad campaign from the late 2000s to try to get kids to drink more milk in Japan: The tagline literally means "talk to the milk," as in, have a heart-to-heart with it, get to know it, it'll help you out! I wouldn't translate this literally. What is the context of the line? It's a trope in Japan, like in the U.S., that milk will help you grow big and strong. The ad campaign took it one step further and said "hey, milk will basically give you superpowers."
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