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      So, I heard Webtoons are all the rage now, but since you are visiting this site you must love manga too, no? I am curious, what are you guys reading nowadays, if there is any particular project you hope to see us update or if you just discovered this new amazing title and want to share it with the world. Please leave your response in a comment. I am really curious what people are reading nowadays.
      As always, we're still recruiting the following positions: Cleaners [Urgent], Editors [Urgent] and Korean Translators [Very Urgent]. If you are interested please consider applying, either HERE or on our DISCORD (* ^ ω ^)
      With that being said, let's get to the fun part. The releases:
      New Release:
      ~ Toshi Densetsu v04 Extra [And with this we have finished volume 4, 5 volumes left to go! This one needs a cleaner. If you are into horror stories and want to help out with this, give us a sign.]
      ~ Torikae Fuukaden v02 ch07 [After being stuck with some missing translations for a while now, we finally managed to get some help with this and can start releasing again. Expect more chapters soon!~]
      ~ Pine in the Flower Garden ch52 [We have 1 Webtoon too and we love it 😛 ]
      ~ Oboreru Knife v11 ch42 [This is a joint with ShoujoHearts. Please visit them and thank them for all their help! While we were in hiatus this project got licensed and fully released so it will no longer be visible to US and UK users on our reader. We are very happy this one got the attention it deserves!! Please support the mangaka and buy this manga!]

      I know we're always recruiting, but this week was more successful than others which got us very excited! ❤️ More and more projects are getting full staff which means they will see the light of day pretty soon, but, sadly not all of them [27 projects are hard to manage, lol, we used to be such a big group]. You can check out projects that still need staff in the project sections or on our discord channel.
      We are recruiting the following positions: Cleaners [Urgent], Editors [Urgent], Korean Translators [Very Urgent], Proofreaders [Not very urgent, but we still need a few more in order to not overwork the current ones]. If you are interested please consider applying, either HERE or on our DISCORD (* ^ ω ^)

      What we offer?
      ❀ Nice friendly environment with hourly wages paid in love! We can not warm your house, but we can warm your soul. ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆
      ❀ Experienced trainers with years of working in the scanlating world. We did catch a few tricks here and there which we will share with you.
      ❀ The possibility to see one of your favorites projects finished [if it's one of our ongoing projects, of course; we hope it is]
      ❀ Very organized and well put together group. You can assess the status of a project at any time as well and check out who is working on what. More details about this after you join. 😉
      ❀ Our own server where we upload all the work: no more issues with broken or dead links.
      Hope you will consider us!
      With that being said it's time to move on to the releases:
      New Release:
      ~ Chronicles of the Grim Peddler v6 ch31+ Epilogue [This is the last chapter. It was a long journey, but we finally reached the end. I hope you guys enjoyed the retellings of the Grim stories. It was a treat with pretty art!]
      ~ Nocturne v08 ch51 [Our little doll is growing up! Who is the mysterious stranger who caught her eye?]
      ~ Pine in the Flower Garden ch51 [Someone is trying to overcome his fears by taking pictures! ^0^ We are cheering him on!]

      Millions of thanks to Ench, one of our new recruit, for showing an interest and bringing this project back to life. Next to Arcana this is one of my personal favorite from EF. Which one is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts on this!
      As promised we will do a weekly release from now on. We hope to be able to bring you lots of wonderful new chapters every week! We are still severely understaffed so if you would like to help please consider joining one of our open positions (pretty much all of them): CLICK ME~
      With this being said I will jump right off to your favorite part, the releases. Today we bring you:
      New Release:
      ~ Blue Bird v01 ch3B [With this we finally finished the 1st volume, see you guys in volume 2!]
      ~ Chronicles of the Grim Peddler v06 ch 30 [1 more chapter left from this project. Are you sad this is ending or happy you can finally finish reading this one?]
      ~ Chitose etc v05 ch34+Extra [Our lovely joint with Decadence continues. Working hard to bring you regular releases from this one. Don't forget to visit and say thank you to our joint partner as well!]
      ~ Pine in the Flower Garden ch50 [Our new typesetter Shinji took a liking to this so the releases will keep on coming! Enjoy the story of the "Evil Flowers" fufufufu]
      If you enjoyed this please consider leaving a comment and sharing. Knowing you are reading and liking our releases will motivate us to bring you even more in the future!


      By Tessa, in Evil Flowers,

      Our release schedule!!! You've heard it, we're going to release every week from now on!
      Ok, so, we've been a bit slow or totally MIA for a while now because life, school and any other personal matter you could probably think off. At one point there were 3 staff members left trying to deal with all the projects. I can only imagine how overwhelming it must have felt.
      Display of them trying to handle the pressure:

      But, it's ok now! We are back in action, poking some old members, managing to get a few new ones and things are starting to move! Yey, finally!!
      We are still in dire need of staff, especially Korean translators (we have 1 kind translator left who is helping out with missing translations, but she doesn't have time to translate full chapters so we really need to find a few). Projects which urgently need a translator are:
      ~ Masca
      ~ Evyione
      ~ SM Hunter
      These are in the urgent category. For the rest we still have around 1-2 translated volumes which we can work on until (hopefully) we can find a Korean Translator interested in them.
      As for Editors: 60% of our projects need one. We managed to build a few active teams for some of the projects (which will be disclosed in a future post to keep you hanging), but at least those will get frequent releases from now on. Stay tuned for more details 😉
      And do apply if you want to help!!!~~~ Thank you! 😄
      Now, back to the reason why you are here, we present to you today's releases:
      New Release:
      ~ Amakusa 1637 v09 ch39: You probably thought this project was history, but here we are bringing you 1 new chapter after a 5 years hiatus! I came back for this project actually and then decided to stay.  HAHAHAHA, history, get the pun? No? Ok, moving on =))) 
      ~ Pine in the Flower Garden ch49: In case you were not sure the "Evil Flowers" have returned, here we have a new chapter where Eun-Sol will tell you all about them 😄 .
      ~ Toshi Densetsu v04 ch17: And in case all of the above details were not scary enough we will close the release post with this "lovely" chapter about a dark website you probably would like to avoid~

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