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How did you discover anime?


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What's your first anime? When did you watch it? What did you think of it?


My first anime(s?) was Pokemon, Digimon and Tenchi Muyo due to the influence of my bros. I was 8 at the time. I watched it in dubs though so I thought it was created by America @onions72@. It was only when I watched Ranma 1/2 and then Tsubasa Chronicles did I discover the world of anime (I didn't even know Japan existed at that time LOL).


What about you?

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When I was living in Guam I was trying to get a Japanese playstation from this one electronics store. Was looking around and came across

the fushigi yuugi anime was the greatest moment been hooked on anime and manga ever since..... @onions62@

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I thing my first anime was Digimon, but I was dumb so I had no idea that it was Japanese @onions77@


But my first intentional anime view was NARUTO ♥ and then on that same web site I found more and more and more.... I fell in love @onions68@




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My first "real" anime - besides Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Detective Conan(oh my, that was part of my childhood XD) which was shown on TV - was Get Backers which I discovered through my brother. And then, many others followed. :D

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was on 4chan a lot, saw that everybody spammed DESU DESU DESU DESU, found out that it was from an anime called Rozen Maiden.


So I watched it xD

my first anime = Rozen Maiden... 2nd was Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran, 3rd was Elfen Lied.


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I used to watch sailor moon, inuyasha, tenchi muyo, rurouni kenshin, jibaku, yu yu hakusho, dragon ball and many others without knowing they were anime =D


Guess the first of all was yu yu hakusho


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I first discovered anime on television when I was in middle school (?). I thought it was so cool thinking, 'Wow. I can't believe America made these kind of cartoon shows!' only to find out much later that they were made by Japan and dubbed. -___-" Lol. I turned to Japanese anime completely when I found that the ones in America were not good enough when I compared the two.


The ones that I was only able to watch at the time were Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Gundam Wing. I'm unable to recall what other shows I watched.

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My first anime was Ninja Robots. It used to air on cartoon network when i was really small (7 or 8 years old i think). At that time i thought it was western cartoon since i used to watch it and The Centurions and Swat Cats. After a decade i started watching Full Metal Alchemist/Inuyasha among others and knew that they were anime...

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The first anime was Mononoke Hime or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I'm not sure, I saw both in the same year. However I had no idea that is anime. :) Well after I found GITS dvd among scifi movies and it was huge suprise.

Animated movies and cartoons are for childrens - that was my basic idea and GITS was like new dimension... I liked drawing style so I was looking after similar works and found "anime" :)


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@onions41@ Good 'ol days... I remember running home from elementary school and plopping down in front of the tv everyday to watch Sailor Moon. I was watching all of those on the fox box, and cartoon network (tsunami?) and adult swim etc. I had a serious thing for Eriol Hiiragaziwa (yes I even remember his name to this day) from cardcaptor sakura when I was younger. Ah, the fanfiction... I was introduced to animes like Ronin Warriors and Voltron too from the next door neighbors (aka my babysitters). So I guess I was exposed to a lot of anime way before manga. Of course now, it's all about the manga! @onions59@


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What's your first anime?

Sailor Moon :D


When did you watch it?

When I was 8-ish~ My sisters got me into watching it.. They are such bad influence.


What did you think of it?

From what I remembered, I was intrigued by it (dunno what tho) and Sailor Moon was my favorite character XD

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I watched Dragon Ball Z and Card Captor Sakura...I didn't think much of them. They were fun...I think...I believe I was too young to consider anything like that...








He Was Cool

The Chronicles of the Grim Peddler



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My first anime was Vampire Knight and I only watched it recently.

First thoughts on this anime would definitely be amazing as the plot keeps you going and I couldn't stop watching it.^_^ I would definitely recommend this anime to anyone who likes supernatural romance.^_^


I'll show you a sweet dream next night

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My first exposure to anime was Voltron that my elder brother had on all the time. He loved it to bits, I liked it but didn't know it was anime since i was only 5 or so.


Then when i was around 8, my uncle bought Nausicaa of the valley of the wind for me and i fell in love with it. I had memorized all the lines, hummed all the songs and drove everyone crazy by live action role playing. I wanted nothing else but to fly and protect everyone from bad guys :P

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Jeez I'll feel old.. alright my very first exposure to anime was probably Dragon Ball.. yes the original one... and Akira. I was... eightish? My mom's roommate at the time was a huge otaku so he introduced me to so much anime that I didn't realze it aws anime. Then I pretty much watched samurai pizza cats and sailor moon until they started playing more on tv. Umm first anime I ever bought though was 3x3 eyes I think-- that or tenchi muyo.

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Pokemon was my first anime. A close second would be Yu-Gi-Oh! Both dubbed, of course. And around the age of 6 or 7?

My first shoujo anime was Sailor Moon. A classic, found at my local library. They had a dubbed VCR. Ahh, VCRs. Those are old.


status : currently unknown.

I prefer Fluttershy myself.

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I can't remember if my first anime was Yu Yu Hakusho [Ghost Fighter] or dragon ball z~~ hmm...



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First anime? Doraemon, of course. ^ ^. When I was really really small, perhaps when I was only 3 or 4. I like it at first, and it made me wanted Doraemon and his tools, especially "Go to Everywhere Door". I first watched it in one of Chinese Channel. ^^



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