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What is your favorite anime?


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If it's not obvious enough, my favorite anime is Eureka7. <3 I also really love FullMetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, and Ergo Proxy. For some reason I tend to like some shounen anime better, and my favorite studio is BONES. They have the most amazing action scenes. :0

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My favorite would def have to be Gakuen Alice!

Then Earl and Fairy

Ghost Hunt for semi horror

and currently enjoying Yumeiro Patissiere


Also, Elfen Lied! @onions65@

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Oh i forgot one >.< -> Kuroshitsuji Season 1 and 2 >.< awwww ciel and sebastian >.< i wanna seee moooorreeee




~Currently working on~






1.Oboreru Knife

2.The shadow of the Moon UPCOMING


Scanning scanning and scanning >.>...



  • SM Hunter

    -Vol.9: Ch.3, 4

    -Vol.10: Ch.1-4

  • Kiss and Never Cry


  • The Shadow of the Moon

    -Vol.1: Ch.3,...


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I have a list of favorites. :) Ouran Koukou Host Club, Fulmetal panic, Nodame Cantabile - I love these for a good humor. Saiunkoku Monogatari - great story with lovely characters. Some other favs: Samurai Champlo, Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa, Seirei no Moribito, Eureka Seven and latest on my fav-list is Shinrei Tantei Yakumo


STATUS: active

Currently working on:

AMAKUSA v4c17 & GSHC v14c52 & DF v2c8


GSHC - v13c52 - [TS 65%]
AMAKUSA - v4c17 [CL done; TS 80%]
TKQ - v13c04 [CL 0%]
DF - v2c09 [CL done; TS 90% - some sfx left ]


AMAKUSA - v3-c12;v4-c13,c14,c15,c16
DF - v1-c4, v2-c05,c06,c07
GSHC - v11-c39,c41,c42,extra; v12-c43,c44,c45,c46,extra; v13-c47,c48,c49,c50,extra; v14-c51
TQK - v11-c3,4,extra; v12-c1,2,3,4,5; v13-c1,2,3
RnA - v05-c17,c18,c19,extra;v6-c20,c21,c22,c23,extra;v7-c27
GALISM - v3-ch12a,12b,13b
KSnH - v1ch2,3,4,5end
AW - v7c13p6



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My favourites animes would be Code Geass, Monster, Kurozuka, Gintama, Gantz, Basilisk, Black lagoon among others. thoug my all time favourite anime would have to be code geass ( since it isnt ripper off from a manga :P)

A real Sniper always takes Widow.

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Code Geass is awesome. :0 I like it a lot better than Death Note, just because Death Note is a bit slower, but I like both. Anime that doesn't come from manga is usually better, just because you don't expect stuff to look/turn out a certain way. Anime based on manga is usually a bit slow or just doesn't meet the expectation, in my opinion anyway. :3

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I don't like bloody, or mature anime. My favorite anime is Pandora Hearts and Gintama. They're really different though. Pandora hearts is fantasy and Gintama is...well, all comedy.








He Was Cool

The Chronicles of the Grim Peddler



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My favorite animes are the same as my favorite mangas:


1. Zetsuai 1989 & Bronze by Ozaki Minami → An intense and obsessive love that transcends everything!

The art is unique and the OSTs are soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!

There are only 2 OVAs... yociexpress09.gif I wish that they had animated the entire manga.


2. One Piece by Oda Eiichiro → A masterpiece! A story full of fantastic things, adventures, action and comedy! Each episode is amazing! When you think that the story may not get better Oda-sensei surprises again.

And the anime is very faithful to the manga.

The OSTs are beautiful! The music theme of the Merry's death is very touching!

I never get bored of OP!!

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I really like Naruto as an anime…probably more then the manga. Because you get to see the heat of the battles and stuff.


But I also liked true tears...besides the ending it was really good.


And then there's One Piece


you know what I guess I don't really have a fav becuase there are so many good ones! XD

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I change my favorite every season. Because, you know. >___>;;

Last season it would have to be Deadman Wonderland, even though the manga is somewhat better...

This season would be No. 6...or maybe Beelzebub? I look forward to those shows every week on crunchyroll...

ARGH. But I love Ao No Exorcist and KHR... -dies-

By the way, what do you guys think of BLOOD-C so far? owo;;


status : currently unknown.

I prefer Fluttershy myself.

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I forgot Escaflowne! thats great :D


I vote anything Kirby Morrow did a voice in. Gundam Wing, Escaflowne and even Inuyasha--- because Kirby makes me happy. If I'm going to be totally- something I can watch over and over again I'm going with King of Bandits Jing-- that and Super Gals. Don't ask why I have so much love for that show. Full Metal Panic is always really high on my list right now I am stalking Nurahiyon no Mago on hulu.


also hatenkou yuugi though I was upset it ended so abruptly. That had a gorgeous opening

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I have toooo many :x

I really love AnoHana, Ao no Exorcist, Fairy Tail, One Piece, and Lovely Complex.





[QCed] Piece of Cake ch14

[QCed] Piece of Cake ch15

[QCed] Rakuen Route v02 ch06

[QCed] Evyione v04 ch26

[QCed] Shade v01 ch03

[QCed] Shade v01 ch04

[QCed] Platinum Garden v08 ch34

[QCed] Rakuen Route ch07

[QCed] SDGM v04 ch14

[QCed] SDGM v04 ch15

[QCed] Rakuen Route ch08

[QCed] SM Hunter v03 ch12


Status: Hiatus

Last updated on 10/26/11



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Ive had HEAPS of favorites but the two main animes i can always watch would be ghost in the shell and speedgrapher oni43 Oh Saiga

I was a huge trinity blood fan but when i finished it i got so depressed! lol

I really wanna watch lovely complex


Xxxholic is good! It makes me laugh!

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Both my most favourite manga and anime will be SKIP BEAT!

Others will be : Meitantei Conan (it seems never end huh?), La Corda d'Oro, Prince of Tennis.



Translation Ongoing

Mei-chan no Shitsuji v12 ch81 - 30%

Mei-chan no Shitsuji v12 ch82 - 0%


Translation Completed

Brundage Mahou no Shiro ch1-6
Crimson Hero v16 ch63-66
Crimson Hero v16 Xtra
Crimson Hero v19 ch75-79
Crimson Hero v20 ch80-83
Clover v7 ch25-27
Lovers Alpha ch1 part1-2
Lovers Alpha ch2-4

Platinum Garden v13 ch58

Platinum Garden v14 ch59-63

Mei-chan no Shitsuji v12 ch79-80

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