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Bien le bonjour! (ridiculous attempt n*1 at sounding original- check)


As you may have noticed I'm French and I am perfectly unable to write a decent introduction @[email protected] ... I have been following this forum and the releases for quite a while now and I finally decided to participate in some sort of way even if it is by adding my stupid comments to the debate. Yes, I am perfectly aware of how essential I am here @[email protected] ... or not.


Well anyway, it is a pleasure to be part of the family.

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Salut compatriote !

Yes, I sound as original as you do @[email protected] . Welcome here. I joined the forum for quite some time but then forgot my login somehow and had to register again recently. So I'm more of a lurker usually. You aren't the only one who doesn't know how to introduce themself. That's why I prefer to reply to others' introduction than write one myself. @[email protected]

Anyways, have fun debating and feeling essential. ^_~

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Hi! Welcome to EF!


Glad that u decided to make an introduction and that you want to participate in any sort of way :) . We love having new active members so i hope that, in the near future, you will become one as well @[email protected]


I've noticed that u like Masca, but what other projects that we release do u follow? @[email protected] And if u don't have anymore, then what's your fav manga/anime ? Also, i would be curios to know some more about u , so if u want to and u have the time, maybe u can tell us some of your favorite activities or music or whatever pops out in your mind @[email protected]


Glad that u are a new member in our family! Have a nice stay!

*hugs* @[email protected]

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Well, I see my (not so) secret interest in Masca has been discovered @[email protected] .

In general, I have to admit, I am quite annoying when I have to choose a manga to read since I am VERY picky on the art work. For example I like: The Bride of the Water God, Skyhigh or Vagabond... I am perfectly unable to tell what my favorite manga is... However for the anime the answer is obviously Samurai Champloo: historical, original, and of course so funny... I'm in love @[email protected] .


As for my activities it's quite simple: I love to cook, read, listen to some music (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, The Mamas and the Papas, the Kinks...) and of course say nonsense!! Woohoo! @[email protected]

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WELCOME!! hehe omg i love the bride of the water god, its one of my favorites! the art is sooo beautiful!!


and Bonjour! my french is only limited to a few words ! like croissant! cest la vie! beret? LOL :3 i dno any french hahaha XD


anyway welcome and of COURSE u are important to us! all of our wonderul EF members are very special and we cherish all of u!! why else wood we work so hard and slave away for the wonderful fangirls who fuel us?? hahaha :]


anyway WELCOME AGAIN! and dont be afraid to post around :]


If it breaks just fix it. If you lose it just make a new one.


Did you know 'hei' means black?


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Whoa~ cool someone from france XDD

welcome to the forums..yeh i'm just the same all i do is read and post *coughleechercough*

Oh well at least I actually bother to post at all and thank ppl ahahaa

It could be worse *coughtrollerscough* I hate trollers so annoying with their pointless bashing T^T

*~~~~~~~~~~~Vampire Knight~~~~~~~~~~~*


*~~~~~~~~~~Until We Meet Again~~~~~~~~~*

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