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Slave-driver turned slave?


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If you haven't known me yet, I was (and still am) the slave-driving admin/translator/editor/project editor/ slash cheerleader-upper over at Stiletto Heels. I'm also here to work as a J-E translator, because I'm total masochist that's all I'm really good for, and I saw the ad on Mangaupdates, and there were some Josei (and a few shoujo projects) your team had that I just couldn't keep my hands off of. @onions100@ (Bad habit of mine.)


I love manga, and I wake up every morning and have to shove them out of the way with my foot so I can make it out the door. I'm always living paycheck-to-paycheck because I have to get the new releases every month, even if I don't have time to read them all. (Futile I know.)


Hope to get to know everyone better. (Though it's best to keep a safe distance.)

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Haha, Tessa will love you. @onions74@

And so will the other staff members!


Which shoujo/josei mangas are you talking about? (My favorite one is definitely Reimei No Arcana).


Well, welcome to Evil Flowers!


Summer Break is the best


Currently working on:

* Ghost Hunt (DONE!)

* Hikoukigumo (Translating Ch6)

* 100% no Kimi E

* HatsuKare

* Honey Bitter (Scanning Vol 6)


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Woah, Toxic, I didn't know you were here! No need to hide!

Thanks for helping me out on getting my forum started. You were a big help. (And also - agh! - sorry that I ended up making changes to it anyway.) >




There are 3 main authors who flood my bookshelf, and that's George Asakura, Ikuemi Ryo, and Iketani Ricaco. I signed up to do Iketani Ricaco's " Ano Hoshi no Moto ni " and George Asakura's " Suimitsuou no Yoru."


If Tessa decides to crawl out from under her UNIVERSITY rock and dangle more Josei in front of me, I might never leave this place. @onions76@

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I suddenly kinda feel weird for being only a member to one manga forum.


then again, I do nothing here but join the open talk and play the forum games anyway, I was too lazy to keep my proofreader job.

oh well.

A slave driver would probably help me, however ive never found anybody that could actually really motivate me to do stuff.

Oh, and about the manga, everybody here loves manga, its why there here. However, for me, im too poor to buy them, so I spend my hours reading manga on onemanga.com



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heyya! i looove stiletto heels, and GEORGE ASAKURA is my ultimate favourite,so waiting for heart o uchinomese to be updated like constantly,tho i love ur other projects too!! @onions101@ so Suimitsutou no Yoru is a future project here @onions78@ ,ohemgee, and with piece of cake as well,im gonna die in happyness i think...

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I'm actually closing down Stiletto Heels, chilli, so Heart o Uchinomese! might never be finished. If you know of any other group that might want to pick it up, I'm up for translating it for them.



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waahh @onions93@ no way...im depressed now...tho im in netherland,so not THAT depressed :)...but anyway,its kinda sad,maybe,if ur a staff member here anyway,u can convince Tessa to pick up another George Asakura manga @onions101@ ,tho u have a looot of great projects...u should definitely find someone to do them!!! @onions63@

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Sometimes it's nice to be a tiny cog in a big machine instead of being in charge of things. I'm also manga obsessed and looking for ways to help without taking on the thankless leader type jobs like Tessa does. (And Megumi, Hira, Deus and ToxicStream among others.) (Oh, and thank you all!) Good to meet you, Hats.

Proofreading: Dream Fantasia & Evyione and anything related to Masca that you'll let me.

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