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umm... hi? I guess   oni106
My name is Risk and I'm new around here (no duhhhh) I'm mostly just a lowly Canadian who spends most of her time gaming, drawing, reading manga/watching anime, and gardening.
anyways the thing you'll be interested in is; I'm also training to be an editor/typesetter. Mostly got the typesetting thing down, still need to work on my editing skills... I plan to try out for a position once I'm more confident in my page editing, but I still have a lot to learn.   oni61 I'll be hanging around the forums till then! So I hope to see you all around, love all the work you've done so far 10/10
what else should I put here?? umm A little bit about me I suppose:
-I'm vertically impaired (5,5 and under club yeeee
-Favorite game(s) is Tales of Symphonia/Dark Souls
-Current favorite manga is Tokyo Ghoul
-Current favorite anime is JoJo: Stardust Crusaders
-Favorite food is Potato soup
-My favorite reads from your scan group are: Ghost hunt, Reimei no Arcana, and Forest of Grey City
-I'm a decently fast learner, though I'll make a few mistakes till I get it right
- .w.;;;
-thats it, I don't know what else to put here
You all have a lovely day Thank you for reading all that!  oni59
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There are usually more of us welcoming new people but a lot of us are busy. I should be studying instead of checking out the forum, lol xD

I see that you're interested in editing. Here's some guide:



http://www.redhawkscans.com/showthread.php?3308-Typesetting-introduction I think there's a CL guide from this group too. idr.

Status: Semi-active

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Welcome to EF, Risk~ Hope you enjoy it here ^^


If you're interesting in typesetting or cleaning, occasionally there will be an EF editor or two down at the chatbox, and you can ask them questions and stuff.


Ooh, I see you like TG :3

Have you caught up with the latest chapter so far?


It's awful




LAST UPDATED: 12.07.15


Position: (Ultra Slow) Proofreader/(Ultra Slow) Cleaner/PRQCer


Status: Inactive/Semi-active

Work, work, work~ :3

Toshi Densetsu

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

~Nothing at the moment~

*Credits to Tear for the ava and sig <3*


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I also liked Forest of Grey City a lot :) .

I hope you'll have fun.

Working Hard on:


1. Amakusa:



Volume 9: cleaned

Volume 10: Ch 43 | Ch 44 [pre-cleaning done, need to level] | Ch 45 [pre-cleaning done, need to level] | Ch 46 [pre-cleaning in progress] | Ch 47 [will get to it eventually]

Volume 11: downloaded the raws, lol, they're pretty



2. Nocturne



Volume 9: ch 52 | ch 53 | ch 54 [cleaning] | ch 55 | ch 56 | ch 57

Volume 10: will get there eventually



3. Perfect Girl Evolution



Volume 34: Ch 138 (cleaning slowly) | Ch 139 (not started) 

Volume 35: will get there eventually 

Volume 36: will get there eventually 



4. Convincing more people to come back/join usoni98


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