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Salve - Latin for hello


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I'm kind of new here, joined about seven minutes ago.  I'm not sure how to work anything yet, but I'm hoping that by the time I finish (And start learning) Japanese and Korean, this group will still be active. Currently I'm an active Latinist, although that helps in no way whatsoever. I admit I came here because I love Reimei no Arcana. I hope to actually become a good part of this community. 

*Awkward introduction over*


-Scarlet River Fox  oni98

Edited by scarletriverfox

-Scarlet River Fox

I apologize for my weirdness


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Hi, welcome to EF!

Yep, Reimei is a nice project, too bad it's over soon... D: That's cool that you plan to learn Japanese/Korean, learning languages is always a nice and useful. Even if we won't be around, which I really really hope won't happen, then there are still thousand other groups out there. But you're very welcome to try out at our place first when you feel confident about your skills.~ If you don't mind me asking, what kind of work do you do as Latinist? As you suggested, I have no idea. xD

And just a little tip: We, the staff and EF regulars, like to hang out at the chatbox: http://evilflowers.chatango.com/. Stop by if you have time, it's fun there. :D

ayne, aka ayane, ayns, and all the mistyped versions...

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Currently, I'm only a high school student, so I do whatever translation I'm assigned, but I'm trying to track down Metamorphosis in complete latin. I also read the first two Harry Potter books in latin (Which was really awesome and fun to do). And thank you for welcoming me so warmly.

-Scarlet River Fox

I apologize for my weirdness


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Welcome to EF, scarletredfox!

I'm Sally or you can call me Shally (like how everyone calls me around here and there). And thank you for liking one of the projects of EF. I hope you enjoy your time in this lovely place. If you ever need help, just ask. We won't bite. oni39





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@ayne: Yeah, here's a link to a sample (It has the translation to the normal book on the right) http://homepage.usask.ca/~jrp638/latin/harriuspotter/hptexttransl.pdf


@Sally: Nice to meet you, and thank you!   oni43

-Scarlet River Fox

I apologize for my weirdness


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Welcome scarlet xD





Done xD

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 13b

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 14a

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 14b

KT007 Volume 5 Chapter 15a

KT007 Volume 7 Chapter 17

CROSS Volume 1 Part 2

KT007 Volume 7 Chapter 18

My Beast Volume 1 Chapter 2

RnA Chapter 40+Extra

 TF Volume 2 Chapter 4

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It's "Jäger". :P And what a creepy quote that is. ^^'


Yeap it's supposed to be spelled like that. xD

It's a part of the song of the anime Attack on Titan xD

-Work In Progress-


[Volume 00 Chapter 00]


More task updates and details

displayed on my profile.


[Last Update: 11/01/16]

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Lucky! You know Latin? I wish I could start. But I'm too busy with school work and everything, even though I know fluent Japanese. Isn't that weird? 

I hope you start learning Japanese quickly! There's a lot of ground to cover! 


Thank you, Latin is pretty hard too, it's all backwards with sentence structure, and if you don't know the endings, nothing makes sense. :D

-Scarlet River Fox

I apologize for my weirdness


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