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Animes that were nothing like the manga!!!


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Sometimes i feel it's very dissappointing when you read the manga, and the anime is totally different, has a different ending, leaves out or introduces character development that were in the manga.


Like when they make the anime have a cut-off ending and there isnt a way to make a second season or go on like in Ouran HSHC, Fruit Baskets, ETC.


when you see the anime and be like," hey wait this charcter had a way better described personality in the manga but there's like no background info When i watch this/"


Like one anime that gave me this impression was Earl to Fairy( Hakushaku to yosei)

at first i watched the anime and got rotally sucked into it, like omg the earl is tgtbt- too good to be true- and he sorta looks like tamaki from OHSHC- and im at the edge of my seat wishing the earl anfd fairy doctor will fall in love, but you dont even get a little mouth to mouth or lip to lip. but still it was good.


then i read the manga available in english and the earl has this totally darker personality and his "ally ermine" has much more background and its not wat i expected.


any way they were bothed based on the original light novel. so maybe i can find that.



still any anime or manga that buggs you that way?



earl to fairy is a great anime, totally recommend it!lolz

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i totally agree!!!

but i think they do this so the anime is different and manga readers wont be bored of the anime because they already noe wut will happen if its the same as the manga but then if they do a crappy adaptation, many viewers will complain.


but the thing is, if u watch the anime version first, most people quite enjoy it unlike people who read the manga version first!


regarding fruits basket, the anime is actually pretty close to the manga, the end scene where shishou leaves doesnt happen in the manga, right???

i actually really liked the fruits basket anime and ive read the manga but i still watch the anime XD


and love hakushaku to yosei!!! i heard the manga is a lot darker (theres rape!)


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well,im with you on that one...i hate when the anime differs from the manga,i know that a story can be told different ways and stuff,but it jsut annoys me,maybe because the mangaka,who created the storyline, IS the creator,so they should respect her/him and her/his ideas,or something..


anyway,i hated when vampire knight guilty had a different ending than in the manga (which not ended of course),and it totally gave another meaning to it,and it was just crappy..(talking about whos sucking whose blood :) )


another failure was Paradise kiss,i think,cause the manga by Yazawa Ai was reallllly good (esp. the diff. faces of the char.s in situations),but the anime was made half-assed,the animation was crappy, and you didnt really feel the Yazawa Ai-ness from it (not like in NANA).and i didnt like the voices either,and it can totally ruin the anime for me.

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@starriberi. thnx for the tip and heads up = )


I cant believe that the Earl and Fairy would have something so scary! @onions61@

but i know wat you mean when you say that people sometimes watch the anime first then read the manga.


that's actually how i got into manga, and also anime.

i saw the anime for OHSHC before reading the manga, that was the first manga i ever read.

sometimes if I'm lazy to read the manga, i just watch the anime. that happens a lot.


like for Inuyasha, i didnt really want to get into the series but i saw the first episode of the anime, and i got hooked! then after the 33rd episode i sorta gave up on it......and then i started bleach! i didnt think i could read 400 chapters of bleach so i saw the anime and now i read and watch. @onions41@


i guess you never know cuz there are somethings in the anime that arent in the manga, but really dissapoints me when the anime has a different meaning than the manga. @onions68@

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"Its none of my concern but it doesn't mean that it doesn't matter." -Oz Vessalius

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lol i loved the OHSHC anime it was sooo good, THEN i read the manga just to know what happened after


omggg i lovee inuyasha!! lool the anime is pretty close to the manga actually, ive read and seen both of them (the wholeee thing) but there is ONE difference in the anime and manga at the end that i can remember that i actually liked!!


kagome and inuyasha finaally kiss at the end of the anime but in the manga im pretty sure they never kissed.

i liked that :D


with bleach.. well i got bored of the anime bcos of fillers so i started on the manga lol


and yeeeh! the manga for hakushaku to yosei is pretty dark :3

i still love the anime tho, the art so nice :D


If it breaks just fix it. If you lose it just make a new one.


Did you know 'hei' means black?


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I've never heard of Hakushaku to Yosei, but now I want to check it out. @onions65@


I felt so-so on GetBackers anime. I really liked the first season, but then the second one was ho-hum. There story in the manga got really interesting, so I had hoped that the anime would follow it more, but it didn't. >.>

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The original Full Metal alchemist series was almost nothing like the manga. I was glad when they came out with brotherhood which stuck to the manga. Also Karin the chibi vampire. The show followed the manga for like 5-6 episodes then it went off and did its own thing. Recently Dance in the Vampire Bund has alot of changes from the manga starting with the whole first episode. I dont usually read manga that I have already seen as an anime so I probably miss alot of differences unless the anime comes out after I have already read the manga.

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another one is nurarihyon no mago...I loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeedddddddd the manga...but when it came to the anime...i wasnt so excited anymore...sure the art/graphics were good (better than fairytail) but they mixed up the stories a little so i got disappointed about that........i liked the storyline from the manga better

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Yeah, just like sakubo said... the original FMA didn't follow the manga after a few eps., which is quite a disappointment. The use of the characters isn't properly thought and the story sorta have gone haywire. There are lots of things/events that don't fit in together. No offense for those who like it.

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argh, id have to say psychich detective yakumo..its quite disappointing >< and quite boring actually u_u"'

for those who dnt knw it its a mystery that resembles a lot ghost hunt bt with a pretty charismatic main character..

yea and i agree,kaichu wa maid sama is disappointing too!! they took out my favorite scenes!! and the pres seems a bit idiotic u_u"'

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full metal alchemist was different in the anime and manga - I think I actually may have preferred the anime?! which is weird as normally the anime totally ruins the manga. but i thought this anime was really well thought out and like how they personified the 7 sins :)


theres also some anime which tried too hard to follow the manga and i think this sometimes looks really bad too! i thought this was the case for Bleach- in the manga the scenes were really funny but hearing them in the anime they were kinda like er... @onions77@



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Berserk and Claymore.


Berserk anime had a non-ending ending.

Claymore anime sucked after Teresa died. And Raki is a worthless pathetic sorry excuse for a human male that needed to die in the first episode. There's even a whole thread on aniDB dedicated to killing him.


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Kaichou wa maid-sama agree to that.


but what was a real disappointment for me was Sugar Sugar Rune, the manga art was so beautiful, I can have each page as a volume cover too. but the anime was so sloppy and the genre became so comedy that it became pointless and made the characters brainless. when in fact there was depth in each character and history which goes back to their past lives...



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La Corda D'Oro.... the manga clearly had an ending and regarding how Kira in the manga and anime had a different personality. Well, maybe because the manga haven't end yet when the anime was made. This anime has no a certain ending. :)






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Nabari no Ou and Pandora Hearts.


With the manga is still on-going during the time it is made, it is understandable the ending is different. But I rather they made sevral season instead of ending it like that. Well, Yoite disappeared in a group of friends instead of suddenly is better but Kotarou not exposed as true antagonist is disappointing.


Pandora Hearts ending in cliffhanger with the all the blame pointing to his father without explaination is distasteful.

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I'd have to say Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I was so disappointed by the anime, since it changed some backstory to some important characters, and made up its own ending. I understand that the manga was ongoing when the anime was put out, but that really sucked. Especially when the manga is so good. 

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