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Fluent in a language other than English..?


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  • 1 month later...

I speak Japanese!!!! I'm very fluent and I can read, write and speak.

I visit Japan EVERY summer.

Most people think that I'm sooo lucky and they go - I wish I can speak japanese cuz i love japan or what not but guess what it's not easy. I may go to Japan every year but I go to school in Japan

going to school in the summer = Not having a summer break

I also have to go to school on Saturdays which means I miss oni34oni12oni10

and I only get one day of rest doing homework for both schools and the amount of homewok is like 8,0000000000000 pages aw week oni31 oni31 oni31 oni31 oni25 oni25 oni25 oni25 oni25

wow what a stressful life i have

JK i love my life cuz Japan is AWESOME

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I didn't want to reveal this, but the truth is...I'm an alien.

At least that's what my kids told me (as in students, not..kids kids...)


I speak a number of languages of varying fluency.


1. English - because I was born and raised in America, so I guess I'm fluent =O

2. Mandarin - because my parents are Taiwanese and speak it at home; I read, write, speak. I can understand a bit of Cantonese/Taiwanese, but not really speak it.

3. Spanish - took a total of 4(?) years of it throughout middle-high school, only remember random things at random times...reading is pretty easy still.

4. Japanese - forgot a bit of it, but I can understand probably 70% reading, and my writing is okay I think...just understanding when native speakers talk...yeah...that's a problem.

5. Korean - fluent in writing and reading, near fluent in understanding, but I suck at speaking.

6. Ewokese - yes, it's a language. There aren't that many words to it though. Still in the process of learning.


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Dana's Garden

My Beast Vol 1 Ch 3-5, Vol 2 Ch 6

Dear Waltz Vol 5 Ch 16


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Well... I speak greek (I'm from greece), ancient greek (they force us to learn ancient greek at school), english (I have the highest degree here and I'm allowed to teach english), spanish (I gave the basico 2 months ago. I studied spanish for 2 years) and a bit of french, german and japanese. I also speak perfectly the languages I created but you don't know them so there is no reason to mention them... Ohh and I can also talk to cats!



Oboreru Knife v10 ch36


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Well... I speak greek (I'm from greece), ancient greek (they force us to learn ancient greek at school), english (I have the highest degree here and I'm allowed to teach english), spanish (I gave the basico 2 months ago. I studied spanish for 2 years) and a bit of french, german and japanese. I also speak perfectly the languages I created but you don't know them so there is no reason to mention them... Ohh and I can also talk to cats!


Hehe just when i was wondering if anyone would speak Greek~!! Hi PennyNekο!!! 36.gif

Well,yes, i speak Greek and Ancient Greek and also had to learn some Latin in school and uni. My English are pretty good (but i think that it's more thanks to my reading manga and watching k-dramas rather than my mother being an english teacher) I also used to have a good level in German, but as they say "if you abandon the language, it abandons you too". Now, i'm learning Russian and have some meh-good level, but i really really really lack at oral discource, so yeah i'm not that good.

Hmmm, after learning Russian better and chasing German to vome back to me, i'd like to learn some Asian language (can't decide between Japanese and Korean)...And who knows, maybe i'll help as a staff of Evilflowers~hehe

I really really love all the countrie's civilizations, whose language i know..I think it makes my perception grow wider 41.gif

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  • 2 months later...

Hmm... let's see. I speak several languages.


1. English : work professional level, then academic level especially now where the classes are all in English.

2. Mandarin Chinese : my first language so I'm very good at it! Okay, since I'm not native Chinese I can't say I'm a native speaker. Too bad.

3. Teochew (Chinese dialect) : pretty good, well, it's also my first language. :D

4. Hokkian (Chinese dialect) : I'm not good in speaking with this dialect but understand it pretty fine.

5. Hakka (Chinese dialect) : I understand when people talk but I can't talk Hakka

6. Cantonese (Chinese dialect) : I understand a little especially the curse words. :P

7. Japanese : Fluent. Been learning it half of my entire life by myself. :D

8. Indonesia : 2nd language so I'm good at it. Native speaker you might say.

9. Javanese (Indonesian dialect) : I understand the language but can't talk or read.

10. Melayu (Indonesian Melayu dialect) : very very good.

11. French : know a lot of it.

12. Italian : Musical terms only. LOL.

13. Osakaben (Japanese dialect) : not so good as the standard Japanese but I understand nevertheless.


Maybe that's all? :D AH and good luck with your Japanese lesson. :D



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Wow, lechat! That list sure is impressive! /has to shield eyes from the level of awesome/ and ggumso too! And everyone on this thread (except me)! I love languages so much, and I'd love to know a lot, but seems like I'm not as smart as I think I am, and then I have no time to actually spend on learning anything.

The important thing to know about my linguistic proficiency is that I am better at English, my second language, than my native language in reading, writing, listening, professional usage, cursing, everything. And now I'm taking Arabic lessons and I hope to be as proficient in it as I am in English (though that seems unlikely, since I've been learning English from pre-school D: ). Then, of course, there's the obligatory manga/anime-level Japanese which improves a little when I watch J-dramas. I can listen to Japanese and understand 1/50 words, but no luck with writing (except maybe katakana/hiragana vowels and the character for 'n'? xD I suck.). Same with Korean except I'm even less familiar with it beyond 'oppa' and 'yakksok' (did I spell that right? >__>) It's also a funny thing that I've been hearing Hindi all my life, but can't, for the life of me, ever understand even the most basic words (recently my Hindi vocabulary increased to around 25 words, but that's it). It's funny because hearing it is as familiar as hearing Dhivehi, but I have no fruit-caking idea what any of those words might mean except 'nehiiii!' and that is blasphemously FRUSTRATING

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O.O ohh...everyone is good~


I speak Chinese (Cantonese) i kinda speak it everyday at home.

I can read some Chinese words...I can hardly write any oni106


Im learning Japanese...beginner...le only know some introductions and simple words.


That's about it...hehe.. oni49/>

Hunya~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Watashi wa Tsubasa desu. Douzo yoroshiku.


Hello everyone~ ^_^

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  • 8 months later...

Well I wouldn't say fluent in my sentence..

but I can speak Cantonese [because I'm chinese]

I can understand Mandarin [because my mom speaks it and i learn it through her and drama]

I can understand and read spanish. [took 3 years of my life to study it...don't want to go any further...]

I can read and speak a tiny bit of Japanese/Korean [Friend taught :D]

And that's pretty much it.

Oh, right. I also understand Vietnamese [My sister in law taught me while she lived in my household for 10 years]





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So many languages, wow! Other than English, I'm fluent in Spanish as it's the only thing I speak at home. However, I still stumble over certain words.


I took 2 years of French back in high school, but I can't really speak it...I can read it though. Some of it at least. Haha

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Uhh...uh....I can speak several languages that is not very mainstream.



Definitely can speak and write:

1. Malaysian Malay

2. Sarawakian

3. English


Can speak:

1. Indonesian Malay

2. Javanese

3. Brunei

4. Singlish


Can speak and understand an average level of:

1. Mandarin

2. Korean

3. Japanese 


Can understand a little bit of:

1. Arab

2. Russian

3. Spanish



*runs away

-Work In Progress-


[Volume 00 Chapter 00]


More task updates and details

displayed on my profile.


[Last Update: 11/01/16]

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being indonesian, of course i'm fluent in my country's language. other than that.. just english (lol), tried taking japanese, but i only remember phrases and hiragana. katakana is quite hard to remember (since the form looks similar, only a few i remember) and the only kanji i remember is kawa. lol


but of course, i leave my japanese learnings to animes, but lately i havent watched any animes due to being busy with work. >_<

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  • 3 weeks later...

French - Not really anymore, but I'm sure if given something I can decode it.

Latin - I can't pronounce things in the first place, but I can read and somewhat write it.

-Scarlet River Fox

I apologize for my weirdness


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  • 6 months later...

Kazakh - can read, speak, write better than 80% of our native speakers. That is my mother tounge, by the way. 

Russian - can read, speak, write better than 70% of native russian speakeres.

English - well, I'm not sure about my English level. At least, I can read, speak and write xD I take English A Language and literature courses in IB=) 
Ukraine, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Uyghyr, Nogai - can read. I understand about 50% of their words. 

Japanese - I know only some basic words :D 

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  • 10 months later...

Oh, so many different languages. 8D


I don't really have much to offer: xD

German - Living there, so I can speak, write etc. it, too. xD

Russian - I was born in Russia but it's not really my native tongue though I'm doing quite alrighty there, I suck at grammar though. ^^'

French - I could order food and get directions, yay for 5 years having french in school. I forgot most of it. OTL

Latin - Well, we only learned translating it anyway so I might recognize some stuff but else I'm pretty lost. ^^'

ayne, aka ayane, ayns, and all the mistyped versions...

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  • 3 months later...

Spanish, Japanese, and French. (-́◞८͙༙◟-̀)


I've spoken in tongues before as well. (I don't think that counts since I technically had no clue what I was saying.)

That's an interesting mix, where are you from?

ayne, aka ayane, ayns, and all the mistyped versions...

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