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When do you like to wake up?


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No school days anymore since I already graduated at that purgatorial University. I'm still unemployed though, which explains my frequent visits at forums. However, I don't really have time preference for waking up so long as I have enough sleep. My sleeping pattern is already fvcked up, so my sleeping and waking tendencies are very much unpredictable. oni103

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When it's a school day, I either get up at 7:30-8, or 10:30, depending on whether I have free lessons first thing or not.

On Sundays I have to get up at 9:30 for work.

Otherwise I don't get up till at least 12. I have insomnia, so some of the early starts don't really help X_X


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7:30 am is too early. I can't wait until next semester when my first class doesn't start until 10:30. @.@

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I wake up at around 6:30am on school days. I walk to school errr carpool to school in the morning and usually arrive at 7:05am- just in time for the late bell XD When I don't go to school, I normally wake up at 11 ish, preferably 1-2pm. 40.gif

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Your school starts so early 54.gif


Even when I have early band School starts at 7:20 and normal school starts at 8:30





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When I did attend school, I used to get up at 5 am. Nowadays I get up at 07:10(am) and arrive at work 07:50. having a car is fab! oni52

Now, when I LIKE to wake up, that'd be waking up by myself being rested.



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I like to wake up whenever I want to. Usually, I would rather wake around 10 in the morning, but lately its becoming too early for me. I've been sleeping more than 15 hours a day. That's how tire i am, so it depends really. But I really do prefer waking up before noon, though. oni106





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If I can wake up at 12, I will, but most of the time I have to be up at 8 or earlier. I'm a night person so early mornings are so not my thing. oni101

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I now wake up at 6am every morning for work (and also now my kitty wakes me up then too hehe). I go to sleep relatively early at 10:30/11pm - I don't do well after such a long day xD



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I wonder when will be the next morning when I am solely woken up by the sunshine? You see, I would prefer to wake up after sunrise but with my two little rascals it isn't simply possible. They are early birds just like real birds ;), because every morning they are wide awake long before the sun actually rises.


It irritates me every day anew, that my kids don't even need a warm-up time and are as fit as a fiddle, while I am very slow, not even fully awake and of course tired. Where does all this energy come from, I wonder!  :blink:

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Weekday I usually wake up around 7am since I have school.  I have to sleep at the same time everyday otherwise I won't be able to wake up before 7am.  When it weekend, I stay pretty late so when it time to go back to regular routine to wake up on time, I always feel tired when it Monday. 

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Depends on which job I have to go to. At one job I set my alarm for 0445 but do not actually wake up until 0500. At my other job I set my alarm for 0530 and hit snooze until 0600. I am not a morning person, most days I don't want to "adult" and want to sleep in.

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