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My Expectations of Good Anime


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This is mostly personal, but I like love triangles and good art. Not to mention a flowing story. I hate it when it's all 'happily ever after' with no twists or turns. Neither do I like when it gets all complicated and hard to understand. I don't know if there's any of you who like simple-love anime or something with all this logic and stuff (conan's good though I skim through it) but I like these kinds. Oh, I prefer fantasy. (Now it's getting really personal :/)









He Was Cool

The Chronicles of the Grim Peddler



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At first - good art and animation. Just good art isn't enough. I really don't like animations, where only moving thing is background picture, or less - you know, when camera is moving trough details of single picture.

At least average story - if a plot is stupid and characters are flat, good animation is not going to do much help. However this part is not so simple to judge.

And another Important part is consistent sound. I can ignore disturbing sounds (speech or music) but the effect of good sounds is always very impressive.


I think, a good anime is not about personal preferences. I can watch an anime out of my favorite gengres, if it's really good -> above-average in all mentioned parts.


(i think, there is a lot of grammar mistakes, sorry for that. )


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My favorite romance animes don't have such a good art, but I love them for the story: I'm taling about Hana Yori Dango, Rose of Versailles and Glass Mask. All 3 are brilliant, but since they are old they can't possibly have a gorgeous art. Still, I loved every single episode from them :D .

Also, I usually prefer slice of life over fantasy: Honey and Clover anyone? XD

I'm a fan of psychological titles with an unexpected twist as well: Code Geass and Shiki are a must see in my opinion [thought I cried like a baby at both of them].

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hm... I agree with Hika regarding the good art. It always calls my attention. But if the plot is good, then I might ignore bad art.

Seinen is my fave genre. Specially with a tad [ted?] bit of romance xDD But sometimes it has no love in it and the plot is good.


Well, I might watch anything as long as it interests me enough.


I don't like love-triangles though, because the guys I like NEVER end up with the main girl (the opposite happens as well). Unless it's kinda clear in the story that the main character will end up with the character I like... then I watch it 'till the end. (I think that was a bit confusing ~_~)


Bah, I'm the kind of person that will toss it over if the story doesn't go her way @onions59@


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Oh, fuck it.









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I want my anime to not insult the viewer's intelligence. Plot is essential, and even if it's a SciFi anime, it has to be believable. No fake science, no ass-pulls. Characters, if possible, shouldn't be stereotypical. Also, no yelling/"calling your attacks" please, that shit's retarded. I don't mind ecchi, but when the girl's boobs are 'watermelon-sized' (*cough*Eiken*cough*) it only becomes disgusting.


About the characters...

Main character should have realistic expectations. No, you probably can't save everything/everyone. Deal with it. Don't act like a pussy when things go bad. Try not to get stabbed by your exGF please, or at least try and keep your head on your shoulders even if you're dead. Every main male character should learn something from Kyon (-> from Haruhi). Or from that guy from Clannad (Okazaki or something). And don't be gay (literally and figuratively).

If it's a female lead ... just look pretty or something xD make friends by beating them up ... Nanoha-style.


About the plot...

If it's a drama/action, people have to die AND STAY DEAD, no sudden resurrections please. If it's romance, don't make it too poetic. If it's mystery/horror, don't invent stuff just to make a plot twist. If it's slice of life/comedy ... I don't care, you can do whatever you want with the plot.

Also, I don't really like shounen anime. They're too hectic for me. Shoujo is too cute, josei is too refined. So I'm usually sticking with seinen ones :)


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I agree with x5ga - i really dislike it when there is barely any plot and it's so obvious to work out what the ending is going to be! when people yell attacks- well i kinda feel that's very old school like sailor moon and Dragon ball z... I do like romances though- but some which are a bit more well have more basis to them, rather than a simple 'he loves her, she loves him' and sometimes love triangles can be pretty rubbish.


In terms of characters- I like those who have a dark history! well maybe not even dark, but have more to them than meats the eye. hmm trying to think of someone... erm.... maybe syaoran from Tsubasa or Allen from D Gray man? Ah I'm terrible at thinking of examples!


I do like shounen anime- like D gray man, and I also like shoujo- but to be honest, in terms of anime i think shounen is the best! because shoujo comes across far less 'realistic' than it does in the manga, if that makes sense!



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My expectations of a good anime is like the distance from heaven and hell, and if I had to choose what to put in hell, it'd be Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. Firstly, I loved the very first seasons of Pokemon when Ash traveled with Misty/Brock and when he was actually aiming to be a Pokemon Master. Nowadays, It's more like the producer of this anime only tries to continue it for the sake of developing a new Pokemon game. For goodness sake, Pokemon is in it's 13th/14th season and Ash Ketchum is still 10 years old! He hasn't become a Pokemon master after entering 4 Pokemon leagues! In addition to that, he didn't win any of them! There's no progress in this anime and the story keeps going back and forth. Where did the good plot that I watched as a child go? Secondly, all I've to say is I hated the power ups in Dragon Ball Z >_< Even though it was really sad when Goku went to train with Sheron in GT.

In any case, my favorite Genres are Shounen, Horror, Comedy and Mystery. I dun like ecchi and I extremely hate mecha and sci-fi. Shoujos' tend to be really short and the producers like to complete it without an ending. I dun like that.

Active but working like a slug -_____-

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