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Manga/Manhwa that should be turned into Anime?


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I've love to see Half Prince animated. It gets a bit silly and I think it would be fun to see on screen.


i agree! 100%


Well, you could always not watch it if it turns out to be horrible, but yeah. If it started out as a manga, then people should know to read the original form of work when it's better than something else :o

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I think The One would be great as an anime... all the new anime these days are just filled with showing

off underwear and a whole boatload of ecchi contents...I wish the new ones would be as good as the ones in 2009,

those were REALLY good...

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Ok, I'm still hoping for a second season of Skip Beat @[email protected]

Crimson Hero would be nice, too.


But it's a shame that Dear My Girls doesn't seem to be that popular...

I'd just LOVE that one to be turned into an anime!! @[email protected]



Same here I really want a seond season of Skip Beat and one of Dear My Girls,,,I would love to see Dear My Girls animated since the art is soooo pretty...it should be wayyyy more popular than it is~~


Also I want more Vampire Knight anime a 3rd season and maybe even more than that ^^

I looove vk~~<3

@[email protected]

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i have alot......i really want WITCH HUNTER and BRIDE OF THE WATERGOD to be turned into an anime....i super excited for beelzebub!!(hope they wnt ruin it like fairy tail or nurarihyon no mago) and i want the breaker, code:breaker, NOBLESSE, tower of god(although theres only 11 ch. rite now), and sooooooo much more!

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I totally agree to a second season of Skip Beat and I would love to see Tokyo Crazy Paradise(from the the same mangaka) on screen. It is funny, has action and an interesting storyline (>http://myanimelist.net/manga.php?id=762).

Record of Fallen Vampire, Little Busters! and Blood Alone would be nice to see animated, as well.

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I want Half Prince to turn into an anime. It would be so funny to see the animation for it. Shame it probably won't, and even if it did it'd be a chinese anime and those are never drawn right. BUT I REALLY WANT TO WATCH IT!!!!! @[email protected]


And although its original isn't a manga, they should really make a Kingdom Hearts anime, it would be so good as one but I guess it'd only make me cry more than the game and the manga did

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I wish I could watch as anime or as OVA for the short ones...


tokyo crazy paradise (I would LOVE to see Ryuji's funny faces on the screen haha)



Kime wa Pet (even thought there's a dorama)

Hot blooded woman

Red River

model (it could be a realy dark and romantic anime >.<)



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Hayate x Blade

Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki ja Nai n da kara ne -> anime to air this winter.

Shitsurakuen (after a few more chapters are released)

Otaku no Musume-san



Mirai Nikki -> gets an OVA this winter, still, it will make for a nice 12ep series or even a 20+ one


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One manhwa I would like to see get turned into an anime is Bride of the Water God, and since it's filled with magic, anime can totally pull it off. I don't think it'll look great as a real-life drama though like how people did it for Goong just because they might make it look fake and cheap.




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Bride of the Water God would be a really good anime I agree!


Also Red River of Ouke no Monshou I think- or maybe making these more of a film?! I think they have a good premise to do this!



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From what I see, most people around here agree that Hana Kimi should have an anime. It's really surprising that they did not make it yet!! I mean both dramas were huge successes , not to mention the manga! I really can't understand it. It would really be a smart marketing move to give the fans an anime as well. I think it would have great rating!

Also, I too would love to see second seasons from Skip Beat! and Ouran Host Club which are among my favorites and also a proper sequel for La corda d'oro. Those 2 OVAs left me @[email protected] . As for my own proposal...I think I'd like to see an anime made after Zettai Kareshi (very funny and sweet story) and Sora Log. It''s a manga I recently discovered by Mitsuki Kako. I love both the graphics and the story...so far. It only has 4 volumes but they release 1ch every ...many months close to one year. @[email protected] It's really a pity (especially since they really butcher the scans and english language :)) )

Oh yeah, forgot to mention one ...Air Gear. I liked the first anime and the manga, though at one point it gets a bit too Sci-Fi..Thing is a manga with sports and action and a good subject deserves an anime since it's had to capture the essence and movements in static 2d drawings.

I'll probably discover many more mangas i'll wanna see as anime in the future but for now i guess these are all :)

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I'm one more of the people who want Hana kimi as anime I've already seen the two dramas and I think if they will make it into anime I would like it even more...


....In my opinion the manga that should be turned into anime would be Suki tte Ii Na Yo will all the essene of the story....(No changing it, It has all =D)

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I would really like a lot of manga turned into anime PROVIDED that

1) dont change the story so much.

2) dont add boring filler eps

3) continue the full storyline and not just stop inbetween.

If the above conditions are met i would like to see UxU, MARS, Half Prince, The One, Ubel blatt, Gantz ( i know it has anime but stops in between), Jabberwocky among others to be turned into anime without diluting their essence.

A real Sniper always takes Widow.

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Although I kinda dislike manga turned anime, it's great if it's pulled off by the right studio. :3 When the action is still-framed or the story is interrupted by fillers, it's a big let down.


For example, Immortal Rain, one of my all time favorites, should definitely be an anime, but the action should be handled by a really good animation studio. Like Bones.

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