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Manga/Manhwa that should be turned into Anime?

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There are various Manga and Manhwa that should be turned or be continued in to anime. My list include ...Hana Kimi, 1/2 Prince,The One, Until Death do us part, shipwrecked ,continuation of Skip Beat , continuation of Basara ,and continuation of Ouran High School Host Club . Recently alot of the new animes are crap. @[email protected] Mostly ecchi and fan service. For me the last best season with various anime shows to watch was the 2009 spring season. @[email protected] (Remembering the good old times.. @[email protected] )What about you? What manga/manhwa should be turned or be continued into an anime?

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honestly, i think manga>anime most of the animes i have seen after reading the manga just dont measure up to the manga in my opinion

so my answer: none! i like my manga do stay as manga ><


If it breaks just fix it. If you lose it just make a new one.


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Starriberi is right, but if the anime would be up to my expectations then I'd really like to see Goong animated! @[email protected] it's my biggest dream haha, seeing as Goong is my fave manwha atm :3

I'd also like to see a completed anime (not only OVAs) of Angel Sanctuary <3

Other than that.. well, Crimson Hero, Mars, Forget About love (I looove this one), Mucha Kucha Daisuki, Shinshi Doumei Cross, Rockin' Heaven and The kidnapping of Minja Jo's boyfriend. Even if the last one was kinda short (7 chapters) I liked it so so much that I'd die for an anime lol XD


Love me or hate me. Either way I'm on your mind.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention Rurouni Kenshin @[email protected]

I'm aware that there IS an anime, but they left out the best part of the manga.

I love the OVA's and the movie is quite nice too, but I'm sure there are a lot of fans out there that would be overly happy if they decided to animate the second half of the manga as well (you know, the story arc about the brother of kenshin's former wife seeking revenge).

Don't worry, I'm not deluded so I know that my wish won't come true. @[email protected]

But the topic is "Manga that should be turned into Anime"...

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Like Aylin & foreverfree mentioned about, i would also love to see the animated version of : Goong, The One,Crimson Hero,1/2 Prince and i would like to add to the list :Black Bird, Akuma-to love song,Denkegi Daisy,Beauty is the Beast,Cat Street,Cutie Boy,Flower of Evil, Tenshi Ja Nai,The Devil Does Exist,WA!, You're So Cool ... and i'm sure i haven't mentioned not half of the great mangas that i would watch if they would turn them into anime series ^^ . Ooh and i would also like to see the continuation of : Fruits Basket,Skip Beat,Nana and Vampire Knight.


If i remember some other series, i'll edit later :D

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I would also like to see most of what was mentioned turned into Anime + some others : Black Bird, Akuma-to love song, Dengeki Daisy, Cat Street, Half Prince, Hana Kimi, Beelzebub, Tsuki no Shippo (just imagining the gorgeous artwork of this mangaka "alive" almost makes me drool...), Hapi Mari, Kanata Kara, The One (THIS would make my head spin of happiness @[email protected] ), and Shiawase Kissa San Choume (I think it would be very funny)...

Well it's good to dream sometimes @[email protected]

and the continuation of : Fruits Basket,Skip Beat, Ouran High School Host Club, Kiniro no Corda.

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Well theres a lot of manga i would like seen turned into anime but I also have mixed feelings about alot of stuff. a Manga like half price or hana kimi I think would translate well as an anime because they are mostly comical with some light romance. More serious series you guys mentioned like Flowers of Evil or Goong I dont feel would be good as an anime because they are much to serious for the normal anime audience. I think shorter series like Kieli or Grand Sun could work. Also almost all the shounen stuff would fit as anime cause they dont have heavy stories, like Beelzebub also Nurarihyon no Mago which actually has an anime starting soon. In the end I always torn between wanting to see something animated and scared that they will ruin a story that is much to serious for what most anime ends up. Example Rosario the vampire. The manga for this series is actually pretty good but the anime turned into a horrible ecchi fest were they just wanted to see how many ways they could show off the girls underwear. My fear is always that they will take a series that is serious and turn it into an ecchi comedy.

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i agree to foreverfree123 comment!~ no offense to ecchi lovers~

*slumps at the desk* but then the anime versions are somewhat crappy~ the story changes~


but it's also interesting to see it in action~ @[email protected]

like warau kanoko-sama, Gakuen Alice(i want a second season), 1/2 prince, shiawase kissa sanchoume, etc...




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Of all the manga in the world, I would absolutel love to see The One (Nikki Lee) turned into an anime. I feel like if it was turned into an anime then it would be absolute heaven. Especially, because the feelings would be felt even more immensely than in the manga. Plus, like I would love to see what they would change about each of the characters and their interactions, as well as what they would add and keep out from the storyline.

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Immortal Rain! Immortal Rain! Immortal Rain! IMMORTAL RAIN!!!!>>>>> http://www.mangafox.com/manga/immortal_rain/


I came across this manga by accident and was hesitant about whether I would like it or not or even if I should even bother with it.

I am so glad that I did!

After the first few chapters I found myself hooked; There are 2 protagonists (male and female, catering to both sides of the spectrum). It has a nice mix of shounen action and some-ecchiness on the right characters,it's there to add to the character(s) not just to be THERE. It has the softer shoujo side as the characters relationships deepen and you feel gushy inside from that "Awwwwh!~<3" moment they just had together. And tying it all-together is a deep plot, subtle in some areas, complex and twisted and sad in others. @[email protected]

True, when I first started reading it I thought Trigun at first (a good sign I think because it was a spectacular manga and anime <3 Millie~ lol) but the big similarities between the two stop at the situation the male protagonists were were placed in (immortal with a large bounty on their head). The story is a genre of it's own and amazingly UBER that I am surprised that there hasn't been any talk (that I know of) about this being made into an anime! I feel this story could make it big just like how Trigun, and Escaflowne, and Full Metal Alchemist made it big. I admit I kinda hope after I post this someone here says I'm wrong and there really is one because it just isn't right that it isn't an anime. T___T Could it be that the mangaka doesn't want to give up the rights or something too?


Speaking of Trigun and Escaflowne, I think alot of the retro anime are alot better than most anime today. The DBZ series, the old Miyazaki films (the newer ones rock too but I classify Miyazaki's animation and story-telling style as old-fashioned), Fushigi Yuugi, etc. etc. What's so different I wonder?


I have so much more to write but I'll stop xD I'm sorry; I hope you guys don't mind reading my rants.. heheh @[email protected]

"We have seen stranger things in dreams; and fictions are merely frozen dreams, linked images with some semblance of structure.

They are not to be trusted, no more than the people who create them."

Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes

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Myouh!!! >w< Hana and Vivi are so cute!!! *has a chibi-fangirl-meltdown*

Ehhh I still need to read God Child ^-^'' *adds to uber long 'To Read' list*


Was "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood" created to continue and follow the manga series more closely (despite the series varying from the original story in the beginning)?

That being said, Skip Beat should really be continued!! It has a hug fanbase following for the manga, so the anime should be popular too right? (bug fangirl base=moolah$$$)

"We have seen stranger things in dreams; and fictions are merely frozen dreams, linked images with some semblance of structure.

They are not to be trusted, no more than the people who create them."

Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes

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