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VICTORY IS OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the help, Neko. 19.gif

Projects to be completed:

- Reimei no Arcana 47

- Reimei no Arcana 48

- Reimei no Arcana 49 + extra

- Real Purple 8 + extra (on going: text only)

- Real Purple 9 (on going: text only)

- Real Purple 10 (on going: text only)


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start again? o:


50, right?

Give me your cookies

School likes to torment me. Therefore I will be slower than the slowest thing here. ;w;



♥Berry Dynamite

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

♥He Was Cool

finished foreverrrrrrrr

♥Limit super low priority ;o;

Chapter 2

[waiting for translations]


Typesetter - in - Training I think?

Any random chapters assigned, I guess. xD



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Active~Or at least trying
Updated 31-March-2014





Real Purple Volume 3 Chapter 13 - 100%

Chiro star project chapter 27 - 100%



Dana's Garden [one shot] - Awaiting cleans and script



Sir Tiger's Table Volume 3 - cleaning ~ On hold project

Kiss and Never Cry Chapter 27 - 40%

Kiss and Never Cry Chapter 28 - 20%

Kiss and Never Cry Chapter 29 - 20%




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Proofreading~ Updated: 16/11/13 ~ Status: Active



ღ Kiss and Never Cry

~ Chapter 29 in progress

~ Chapter 30 started

~ Chapter 31 onwards~ pending start



ღ Oyayubi Hime ~ Chapter 3, 5

ღ My Beast ~ Chapter 3, 4, 5

ღ Dream Fantasia ~ Chapter 20, 23, 25a, 25b

ღ Kiss and Never Cry ~ Chapter 27, 28



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