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  3. Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

    Yes, we do need an editor! Write me a pm or apply at our recruitment thread.
  4. Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

    Hello, how is this project going? If you need more editors, I'm willing to help! Go Evil Flowers! <3
  5. Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

    Hi! I am interested in applying for anything that a noob like me can do. I'm up for it no matter what (well probably not translating cuz you'll probably end up fixing all of it hehe) because i wanna read yamato nadeshiko and well i can't read them without you guys so I, a guest, would want to help you out.
  6. Masca_The Kings_v03B_ch04_TS

    Masca_The Kings_v03B_ch04_TS View File Chapter 4 ~ Actually an Extra. Submitter Phoenix Submitted 01/13/18 Category Editing  
  7. Platinum Garden

    That's a pretty rude comment to begin with. But to answer your question: I distribute my staff according to their preferences, their time and my priorities. And projects that are almost finished (few chapters left) have a higher priority. If you want Platinum Garden that badly, learn how to edit and help out. If you disagree with my "good business practice", start a new scanlation group, take over Platinum Garden and do it yourself. :) Besides, there's a wide accepted policy between scanlators that projects which haven't been worked on for 600+ days can be taken over by another group. If another scanlation group would contact me on that matter, I would be more than willing to share our work and resources. Those are the options. If I get a editor (cleaner and typesetter) interested in Platinum Garden, then I'll be more than happy to release the typeset chapters. Else it'll move up the priority list when other projects are finished.
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  9. Corrupt a Wish

    Wish granted but you don't get into the colleges you want. I wish this thread would come back. </3
  10. Cleaner/Editor Training

    Replied via pm. :)
  11. You have our permission. We've added you to those projects.
  12. KT007_v10_ch27_[EF]

    KT007_v10_ch27_[EF] View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 01/08/18 Category Ready for Release  
  13. Platinum Garden

    Huhuhu i’ve been reading this since i was 14 years old. I am now 23 years old i hope to know the ending. If i could translate Japanese I SWEAR I WOULD VOLUNTEER even if for free :( that’s how much i want to read this manga
  14. Hi! I would like to ask for permision to translate to spanish: "My mother and the game-room guest" and "shade". Of course, we will give you all due credit ^-^
  15. Hi! I would like to ask for permision to translate to spanish: "My mother and the game-room guest" and "shade". Of course, we will give you all due credit ^-^
  16. Hi! I Would like to say you that we dropped down the proyect mei-chan; and we have already finish Origami, The queen's Knight and Happy & Murphy.
  17. Platinum Garden

    And, pray tell little girl, how one is supposed to join with no computer programs to "clean" or "edit" with? So one can just join to get that particular project finished and then leave? Its currently been 3 mos shy of 3 years since the last release and this is only waiting on a cleaner? There are other items coming out, so as a good business practice you could shuffle people around because that is what you do. Just drop it already, and stop leaving us all hanging.
  18. Pika Ichi ch 28

    Pika Ichi ch 28 View File I think there may be a missing TL on p. 163. I've started a MTL request, but it hasn't been answered yet. Submitter Unie Submitted 12/19/17 Category Proofreading  
  19. Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

    Thanks for doing this! I was wondering how the series was progressing?
  20. Pine in the Flower Garden Chapter 53 PR View File Proofread translation of Chapter 53 of Pine in the Flower Garden. Submitter BlueNine Submitted 12/18/17 Category Proofreading  
  21. Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

    Thanks for the work so far! But are you guys still updating? Just want to know incase i have to stop because of cliffhangers. Thanks!
  22. OMRK_v04_ch21_[EF]

    OMRK_v04_ch21_[EF] View File something with a not cute boy Submitter x5ga Submitted 12/18/17 Category Ready for Release  
  23. KANC - v7 - ch 39

    KANC - v7 - ch 39 View File Dananun nun nun, another one bites the dust. Submitter Unie Submitted 12/16/17 Category Proofreading  
  24. Nocturne

    It's been 5 months since the last update. Will there be anymore? I love it.
  25. Dear my Girls

    Did the mangaka truly drop this manga?
  26. Torikae_Fuukaden_v3_Extras_PR

    Torikae_Fuukaden_v3_Extras_PR View File And that concludes Torikae Fuukaden! Submitter Mepi Submitted 12/07/17 Category Proofreading  
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