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  3. People with good english, we need you again!!!
  4. Guest

    Spam Mail Hunter

    OMG. First sr for my bad English. Can't believe i follow this manhwa from 2010. Now is 2021 and i can't stop thinking about how this end. It such amazing story between humans and junk. And thanks youguy very much for all the translate, all update. Wish youguy all the best and health. Fighting !!
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  6. Status: 1 Volume (Complete) Mangaka: GEORGE Asakura Genre: Drama || Josei || Romance || Slice of Life Project's Status
  7. Status: 2 Volumes (Complete) Mangaka: Yanahara Nozomi Genre: Fantasy || Historical || Romance || Shoujo Project's Status
  8. Guest

    Dear my Girls

    So... can anyone tell me what happened to volume 10? How come is it listed as complete? Did the author give up on this manhwa for good?
  9. Tessa

    Torikae Fuukaden

    we will release it, I promise 😄
  10. Guest

    Dear my Girls

    An advertisement on her blog for a color remake of "Dear My girls" with the expected volume 10. Thank you for taking care of it, I am French and the edition is abandoned. You are my hope.
  11. Hi Yuan, I've sent you the QC-er test, sorry for the delay.~~ ~ayne
  12. hey Yuan, will send you the test soon. Sorry for the delay, we were a bit away. Thank you so much for wanting to help!
  13. Hello! Yuan here~ I'm interested in taking the Quality Checking test! I don't necessarily have experience in cleaning or typesetting, but I do have experience in PS. I've translated and proofread for other scanlation groups in the past as well! Hope to hear back soon! Yuan
  14. ayne


    NNB_v04_ch26_TS View File - Submitter ayne Submitted 08/01/21 Category Editing  
  15. Platinum_Garden_v14_ch063_TLC View File TL'd by lechat23, TLC'd by me. Submitter burcu Submitted 08/01/21 Category Translations  
  16. Forget About Love Vol 5 Chapter 20 TS View File I have censor two more swear words this time, feel free revert back if you want. Now it's time to work on Inazuma Eleven in my own Scan Group (The L5 Project) Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 07/31/21 Category Editing  
  17. Oboreru Knife v12 ch45 [CL+RD] View File Clean: Donna Redraw: Eichan Submitter ayne Submitted 07/31/21 Category Editing  
  18. Platinum Garden ch 61 [cleaned] View File Cleaner Hurrie/ redraws by me :D Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/31/21 Category Editing  
  19. Evyione ch 58b cleans View File done by our diligent Elaizah 😄 Note to typesetter: I know some double pages were missed. Please typeset them as they are. Will fix them in the QC-ing process. Thank you! Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/30/21 Category Editing  
  20. Evyione ch 58a cleans View File Done by the wonderful Elaizah, checked by me. All was nice 😄 Submitter Tessa Submitted 07/30/21 Category Editing  
  21. Platinum Garden ch59 TS View File 🕸️Gonna go Watch Black Widow soon🕷️ Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 07/29/21 Category Editing  
  22. Closed for now!! We got the 2 proofreaders we needed! Thank you for showing interest and coming to our rescue!~~
  23. OMRK Ch 24 Cleaned View File Here is the cleans for Oh My Romantic Kumiho ch 24 (By SwirlyOwl) Submitter SwirlyOwl Submitted 07/29/21 Category Editing  
  24. KT007_v10_ch28 Cleaned View File Cleaned by SwirlyOwl. Ch 28 is split into two files since it's too big. Submitter SwirlyOwl Submitted 07/29/21 Category Editing  
  25. Heya! I'm a native English speaker so I feel fairly confident in my ability to proofread anything <:
  26. Heyy! I used to be a proofreader last year, but because of my recent accident, I didn't have enough time for social media and stuff like that. As soon as I got back to my old discord account I saw a message and link for this platform and, considering that recruitment for proofreaders is still open, I would like to apply! English is not my first language! However, I am still a fluent English speaker and a good English teacher so I believe I can do a good job!
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