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  2. .هزینه درمان بواسیر با لیزر پایین تر از جراحی است

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  4. Chitose etc.

    I can't wait for the next chapters! I want to help with this project if you need it Such a cute series touching serious topics!
  5. Count to 10, then SLAP!

  6. I would love to help. I have some experience with cleaning and I'm very consistent in my English! It's basically my second language.
  7. Spam Mail Hunter

    =( I can understand! It's not easy to get a scantlation group going. You guys have so many projects and as good as this manga really is, unfortunately not as popular as the other ones. Anyways thank you for your hard work.
  8. Spam Mail Hunter

    Wow has it really been that long? OTL I think a lot of EF's project at this point is like that, we're so low on staff and we need more recruits, but in order to get more recruits we need to release something to gain interest, but we barely can release something bc we're so low on staff (such is the vicious cycle ><)
  9. Spam Mail Hunter

    I am so happy it hasn't been dropped. I am glad there is still hope. I thought perhaps no updates since 2013 means it is meant to be dropped. I wish I could be of help. I have been waiting desperately to read the translation but unfortunately I have no editing skills =( - I am guessing those are people who are pros at paintshop pro.
  10. Dear my Girls

    To anyone still curious about this project, it looks like the author has gone silent after releasing the final volume of her other project Void's Enigmatic Mansion Her last blog post was in 2015, with many comments, from as recent as 2018, of fans asking about Dear My Girls, with no response from the author herself. She hasn't announced that it's dropped either, so there may still be hope, who knows.
  11. Spam Mail Hunter

    Hiya, we usually will announce if a project gets dropped and move to the Dropped section if that was the case Anyway, it needs an editor (as you can see in the nice red text above the cover) you can apply here if you're interested
  12. Spam Mail Hunter

    Has this manga been dropped?
  13. Sorry for the late reply. I've updated our project info, you have our permission: Please remember to link back to us and credit our work.
  14. Hello, I'm Charlotte and I would like to apply for the position of Chinese Translator. Chinese is my native language, and I'm currently a highschooler. I've passed the translation test from MysticMizuki scans with my friend Christina being my proofreader (English is her native language). Hope we're qualified:)
  15. Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

    Thanks so much for translating this manga!!
  16. Pine in the Flower Garden Chapter 56 PR View File Proofread translation of Chapter 56 of Pine in the Flower Garden. Submitter BlueNine Submitted 02/25/18 Category Proofreading  
  17. Oboreru Knife

    The group that you alredy got the permission! Give us the permission to get out the manga... I attach the images... If You need the translation let me know
  18. thank you very much!!! I did it for Facebook
  19. Sorry for the late reply. I already gave you permission: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/articles.html/ongoing-projects/meiji-hiiro-kitan-r126/ Did you contact me via e-mail or facebook?
  20. Evyione_v09_ch56_ED

    Evyione_v09_ch56_ED View File DONE Submitter Adila732 Submitted 02/24/18 Category Editing  
  21. Count to 10, then SLAP!

    Awww, thank you for your sacrifice. 2
  22. Platinum Garden

    Hi, Per ayne's previous post, we are looking for an editor (typesetter + cleaner) for this project You can apply here: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/topic/5-recruiting-editors-open-cleaners-open-typesetters-open/&page=1 Please read instructions carefully, and if you have questions feel free to post in that thread or ask in our Discord chatroom
  23. Platinum Garden

    I should also admit that I have better-than-average computer competence and google-foo, so can learn just about anything if pointed in the right direction. Hopefully, this will be enough to be able to assist with this project
  24. Platinum Garden

    What kind of skills are needed to help get this project finished? I would love to finish reading it, and would be willing to donate time and/or resources to help if it's within my abilities, but I'm afraid I have no clue what I could do to be of assistance! I know next to nothing about how a manga gets to be in a state were we get to enjoy it, but if it's something I can learn I would be willing to try. If a willing, but completely unskilled amateur is of any help, please let me know - I would be happy to plow through tutorials and whatever else to learn the skills to help out.
  25. Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

    When is chapter 137 going to released?...still waiting....is it not going to be realeased(〒︿〒)....it's 2018 now.(´・_・`).
  26. Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge

    i am willing to be proofreader for this manga.....i am good with grammar and spellings.....i really want new chapter ie.137-148 to be released so...
  27. Torikae Fuukaden_v02_ch05_TS

    Torikae Fuukaden_v02_ch05_TS View File MTL by Leguchi Pre-TSed by Tessa ...misc help by Mel for things like consistency and what-do-i-do-when-all-these-names-are-wrong-and-other-words-are-misused T_T Submitter Nekomikoto Submitted 02/18/18 Category Editing  
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