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We're back online!

  • Oh my god, finally. oni92

    Who would've thought that it'll take us this long to update the site. Now we're finally baaaaack. oni36

I bet you must've missed us. And honestly I don't know where to start, so first a short recap of what has happened to our Evil Flowers site:

  • Due to security reasons we had to update our community software from 3.x to 4x
  • We didn't know at that time that we got hacked meanwhile and we also had to change providers due to technical incompatibilites.
  • After a lot of sweat and expenses from our webadmin tamashii, we finally got sth to work again. Next, we tried to update but it would only throw an error. Support finally updated our site
  • To make it simple, handling the 4.x version is so different from what we were used to and our old custom code was basically broken.
  • Finally we managed to smooth out our technical issues and especially the design.

Special Thanks To

Tamashii, our webadmin worked really hard several weeks and spend a fortune to get our site back working, this included paying a year in advance (in total close to 4 digits sum) for server costs to our new  provider and for our update itself.

Thank you for making this site possible, your hard work, your neverending support and your encouraging words. oni98

Souka, a fellow scanlator and admin of another scanlation group, who helped us out with the design and layout. Thanks buddy, you made my day less frustrated. oni55

New Features

Let's see... I'll try to make a list but no guarantees that it's complete:

  • Followers instead of friends, I guess Facebook is out and we're closer to Twitter now lol
  • The log-in and display name are the same now, so you can't have a seperate log-in name anymore but I think you can log in with your e-mail too, sth like that
  • We changed our navigation menu a little
  • Can't think of anything more right now, I guess I'll update this part later oni106

So now you're very welcome to knock yourself out, I think we'll open a Bug thread somewhere in case there's sth to report. We also have to add some pictures here and there, so don't wonder if there links without pictures. Just tell us and we'll try to update them asap.

As for releases, we'll try to release sth soonTM. Our primary focus all this time was the site itself. It would greatly help us, if you could spare a dime since we got a big hole in our funds thanks to being forced to change providers and the update itself.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!


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Yey! Good job guys! ^^ I'm still havin troubles finding the editor's area, but I am on my phone and maybe that is why :p.

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Is there a way to donate without having a paypal account? I tried looking at the paypal page but everything is in German.

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14 hours ago, Guest Guest said:

Is there a way to donate without having a paypal account? I tried looking at the paypal page but everything is in German.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if you are already logged in into paypal, it'll display everything in English. I'll try to come up with a solution, that'll make the initial language English. 

I'd have to research alternative and secure possibilities, do you have a suggestion?


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I've added another donation button, I haven't figured the widget out yet. If you click on the donation button in my post itself, you will be directed to an english page. :)

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  • Donate to keep us alive

    We need donations in order to buy volumes and cover our server costs.

    This way you can keep reading your beloved projects and we can work on new projects as well. We're happy about any amount!

    Please log into your paypal account first before you use this button to donate. Unfortunately we can't change the default language to English thanks to paypal settings. We will have to configure a custom donation box which will take some time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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