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We're not dead yet but close...

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With a bunch of staff being on hiatus, we're in a tight spot. We especially need proofreaders, cleaners and typesetters! Please apply for faster releases. oni98




P.S.: Consider following us on Facebook or Twitter if you want instant notifications of releases.


Project Status - Go here to see how we're doing.


Donations - Every dollar counts! See here for more info about donations. We're behind on our February goal that's why we added it to March. Help us to stay alive and click on the button further down to donate. <3


Recruiting - Recruiting every position! Come join us here: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/forum/126-recruitment/



Bird of Youth v06 ch03

Chitose etc. v04 ch23

Kiss & Never Cry v06 ch36

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it's already 2 weeks and download still not up yet.

It's not exactly helpful if you don't say what download isn't up but I looked into it nevertheless. Everything is uploaded and has been for the last two weeks. Since Kiss and Never Cry was uploaded as ch036 for some reason you probably couldn't find it, I've changed it to ch36 now.

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    We need donations in order to buy volumes and cover our server costs.

    This way you can keep reading your beloved projects and we can work on new projects as well. We're happy about any amount!

    Please log into your paypal account first before you use this button to donate. Unfortunately we can't change the default language to English thanks to paypal settings. We will have to configure a custom donation box which will take some time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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