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  • You open your eyes to the sound of a clock ticking and realize that you are on the ground. As you get up, you feel a throbbing pain on the back of your head as though someone had whacked you from behind with a sack of potatoes.

You look around and realize that you are in an almost empty room. At the center of it you see a table, and on that table you see a strange cat-like potato, with snow peas for ears, green peas for eyes, a piece of corn for a nose, and some green things for whiskers. You get up to pick it up and feel a strange tug and realize that a piece of string was tied to it...


KABOOM!~ You hear the sound of party poppers and confetti falls from the ceiling. A note also falls from there. You notice some cookies on the table that you hadn't noticed before. You grab a piece of cookie and munch on it as you pick up the note to read it.


Dear Readers,

If you are reading this, it means we ran out of time and had to go before we could finish the release. Not to worry though, we entrusted the job of finishing up to our potato cat, whom you may have already met. Anyway...today's theme is...joint projects and oneshots!


We hope you enjoy the releases!~


Evil Flowers Staff


p.s. If our potato cat has left some cookies lying about, DO NOT EAT THEM! They had something strange inside...

Today we will be releasing...


As your eyes glimpse over the list of chapters your vision gets blurry and your head feels fuzzy. As you slip into unconsciousness you slowly start dreaming about the releases on the list...

Hirunaka no Ryuusei v05 ch29-30 [Joint with Silent Dream Scans]

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle v05 ch23 [Joint with Starry Heaven]

I Can't Hold This Hand Oneshot

Sweet Cool Oneshot


Please note that downloads will be available in two days. Why? It would be nice if readers spend more time on our site and maybe even participate on our Forum.

For now you can read our releases on the reader:


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