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Second Advent~

  • And the second light is lit. :)

    It's time for decoration now, if you haven't already started yet!

What seems to be an easy task actually requires some thinking and planning:

Start out with finding Christmas ornaments. "Where the hell did I put them last year after rearranging the storage...?!" In the desperate attempts to find the Christmas ornaments, the once so tidy storage becomes a mess, but we'll leave that for spring cleaning.

After finding the right box, it is time to unpack ornaments, candles, and lights. Just before opening the box you pray for the lights to not be tangled. At first sight they seem neatly placed, but just like the year before, you pull them out at the wrong end... "No! Not again!" And everything is tangled. Putting aside the tangled lights for now, you continue to unpack the rest - tangled or not - and spread everything out before you. With the utmost concentration you begin the process of untangling. CRACK! There, you did it, it didn't take you even 2 minutes to break the first ornament. You let out a sigh but continue with the untangling and finally have all decorations spread out neatly before you. You will later come to realize that spreading them out was a mistake.

You carefully envision where to put each decoration even though later on you'll change them at least 3 times. Time to start placing the decorations! Just as you start to move you hear that heartbreaking sound again: CRACK! Congrats, now you just stepped on something. Another sigh follows and you're back to the placing.

One casual look in the mirror while holding the garland awakens some locked away feelings of fabulousness. Yes, you just put it on yourself and you feel pretty sure you can see the sparkles.

But, while you were admiring yourself, you failed to notice that a little shadow was lurking at the door just waiting for you to be distracted. MEOW! Faster than you can react, a paw plunges at the garland and takes what it can get, which in this case is your sleeve and skin. Baffled, you look at the scratch marks and quickly put the garland in its designated place. Little do you know that the crusade of that your cat just started; after all, she is eager to knock over everything she deems to be placed badly... and that is a lot of things.




But you are finished now, regardless of your cat questioning your taste. Proud, you admire your work and get back to the other things that you actually NEEDED to do. Decorating sure beats some of those other duties. Christmas, especially, offers a legit way to procrastinate. oni73

(Story inspired by Melita_H and Nekomikoto. <3)


Another fabulous cat presents you:


Dream Fantasia v07 ch25b

Oh, My Romantic Kumiho v03 ch16

The Queen's Knight v16 ch04

Toshi Densetsu v04 ch13


P.S.: Please note that downloads will be available in two days. Why? It would be nice if readers spend more time on our site and maybe even participate on our Forum.

For now you can read our releases on the reader:


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