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A present for you: The new Evil Flowers site!

  • First of all we hope that you all had some quality time to relax over Christmas and New Year. For us the last days have been indeed busy, as we moved the entire site and all services to a new server in Switzerland. Also the old WordPress blog was removed and replaced by a new version of IP.Board with many new plug-ins and features. We all hope you enjoy your late present! oni52

Many things have changed, as the entire site is now integrated into our IP.Board. The forum had only some minor some changes, so I am sure you'll be able to work with that right away.

As mentioned above, the old "site" - formerly WordPress - was replaced by article pages within the IP.Board, we tried to change as few as possible things and designed the menu in a way that reflects the behavior old site and forum as closely as possible.


You can find all the projects under the "Project" tab, "Website" will get you to the "Homepage", where all new articles are displayed. Every project page has a link to a download section, where you can directly download our releases. You will be able to comment on the respective project pages and also rate the downloads and write little reviews there. Please make use of these possibilities and show the Staff that you appreciate their work! Also if the new site confuses you and you can't find our projects, just search for the project name in the search bar at the top. Saves time.


A link to the Evil Flowers Reader can be found on the forum, as well as a tab on the menu.


There is also a new chat system, that allows you to communicate directly on the board. Private chats are also possible now. Please just note, that messages written in the chat probably won't be seen by others, as only recent messages are displayed to users who enter the chat. The staff will still be using our "old" chatango chatroom too, of course.

A thing that you will probably not notice is the change of the server. Space and memory wise, the new system is by far superior to the old one and should enable you to use the site (hopefully) without resource problems.

I'd like to ask you all to behave fairly and to avoid using any parts of the new system for spam or other things that will ruin the day for other members. Scanlation is a lot of work and there are many dedicated people who bring you the latest chapters of the series you'd like to read. So please behave accordingly respectful.


Finally, if you find any bugs or problems on the new system, please leave a comment on the bugreport forum section for that.


Best wishes for 2014!

Tamashii, ayne, Cheesecake, x5ga & the entire EF Team

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