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Hirunaka no Ryuusei

  • A 15-year-old country girl has to move to Tokyo to live with her uncle due to her father's transfer. She bumps into a mysterious man. Who is he? And why is he working in her uncle's café?

Status: 10 Volumes (Ongoing)

Mangaka: Yamamori Mike

Genre: Comedy || Romance || School Life || Shoujo || Slice of Life

Joint with: Silent Dream Scanlations

Reason for dropping: We both decided that HnR will be dropped for various reasons: HnR is scanlated by others and they are up to volume 12. With all the hateful comments we received when it was picked up by others, we weren't really encouraged to keep up with scanlating HnR anymore. Finally we both believed it would be better to concentrate on other projects instead of competing with the others. We thank all our readers that enjoy and followed our releases of HnR and hope you understand our position.


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Translated into Spanish by: Gesshoku Fansub and Switch Girl

Translated into Russian by: Maid Latte

Translated into French by: Manga Skyline

Translated into Italian by: Lovely Manga

Translated into Indonesian by: Mochi-chan!

Translated into Hebrew by: Sponge Eater

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Guest Neesa D Luffy


I really love this manga !! Sugoi and so sweet <3  I really love mamura-kun(second guy) ,,so cute when he blush kya~ but the first guy is cute too ..keep it up :)

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MOARRRRR!!! Ñ‰ï¼ˆï¾ŸÐ”゚щ)

♪\(*^▽^*)ï¼keep em coming!♫\(*^▽^*)ï¼

♪\(*^▽^*)ï¼keep em coming!♫\(*^▽^*)ï¼


(ã¥ï½¡â—•â€¿â€¿â—•ï½¡)㥠thank you for the hardwork!!!


                           (â•¥ï¹â•¥) but,,,,

              MOAAAAAARRRRR!!! Ñ‰ï¼ˆï¾ŸÐ”゚щ)

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hi i just want to ask if where can i download the vol. 5 to 8 of this manga.. hope a positive feedback from you guys...

vol 5-6 can be found in our downloads section. You know that shiny button that says DOWNLOAD? Right on the same exact page? Yeah, click on that.

We dropped it after vol 6 so 7-8 you will need to look somewhere else.

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