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      We are working hard to revive all of our projects, but please be patient with us while we rebuild the staff team. Chiro is not right now in our focus area although many of our staff members love it, but we are trying to bring you a few chapters from this as well here and there. While we were away this got licensed so do consider supporting the author if you love it 😄 .
      This chapter is full of drama as well:

      Prepared to be entertained!~~
       New Releases:
      ~ Chiro Star Project v07 ch33A || Read Online [This project is licensed in English, so it will not be visible to US and UK users on our reader. Please support the author and buy this manhwa!]

      By Tessa, in Evil Flowers,

      Who missed Sunako and her never ending adventures while turning into the perfect lady? [She can clean and cook, in my opinion you don't get more perfect than this, but let's see what the mangaka has to say about it!]
      In this chapter we'll meet the little devil:

      Prepared to be dazzled by the 4 boys in this fun, new chapter from Perfect Girl Evolution!
       New Releases:
      ~ Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge v34 ch138 || Read Online [This project is licensed in English, so it will not be visible to US and UK users on our reader. Please support the mangaka and buy this manga!]
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
      War is always ugly, but this chapter is a clear reminder of how ugly it can get.
      In a stoic silence we start volume 10 of Amakusa and wonder what is installed for our heroes next:

      New Release:
      ~ Amakusa v10 ch43 || Read Online
      I guess you were expecting a chapter of NNB with a title like this. Don't worry, a new chapter from that one is coming soon for sure, but for now we have another one full of cute girls doing cute things [if they don't stab each other in the back that is 😄 ]
      Shoujo can be complicated sometimes, but this girls just want to go and see a panda =)))

      Thank you to our joint partner Decadence for helping us bring you speedy releases from this lovely project! They are great! ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ
       New Releases:
      ~ Chitose etc v06 ch36 || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
      Since the reactions to the previous released chapter were so exuberant we put in a team effort to bring you a new one ASAP!
      With this chapter we end volume 7! 4 volumes left to go ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ

       New Releases:
      ~ Kiss and Never Cry v07 ch42 || Read Online
      🌸 Enjoy and see you guys soon! 🌸
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